Cuti-cuti Malaysia : Langkawi : part 3

Continue from part 2 we spent the rest of second day at Langkawi underwater world and take aaqil to hotel’s pool and Pantai Cenang beach.

Underwater world Langkawi
aaqil and penguin.
026 penguin.jpg

mama, aaqil and a stingray
028 stingray.jpg

027 pool.jpg

Evening at pool, Pantai Cenang
031 pool.jpg


034 pool.jpg


2 thought on “Cuti-cuti Malaysia : Langkawi : part 3”

  1. fiziskandarz

    whoaaa! i heard someone poisoned those fishes quite sometimes [ guess they did a great job to replace those pity fish ].. and there’s a penguin too! anyways dehem dehem.. someone already did a great stitching job with a shiny brand new superhi-tech tripod eh πŸ˜‰

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