my so called ‘performance’

it wasn’t great but i think i did OK… hahahhaa.Video taken from MTM annual dinner performance
Rizal did all the hard work, by uploading the video to youtube. thanks rizal 🙂

vocal is ‘kurang bagus’ for all IMHO but make no mistake – the music is great.. i love the music produced by our band esp when we play you look wonderful tonight, berita kepada kawan and patience. Considering 2 week of practices, i think we all did a great job. 🙂

on the other hand, im almost done with my photo gallery, sephiroth imageGallery is good but it’s too complicated..i’ll be using minishowcase. Having some minor issue with hidden folder. ill add a new ‘photo gallery’ tab when it is ready.

10 thought on “my so called ‘performance’”

  1. fiziskandarZ

    cayalah osh!!! knowing my horrible voice and my lack of talent in any musical instrument, i gave up any type of public performance gazillion years ago.. hohoo.. anyways bout our fountain pix in question.. it was really in the morning.. and no one is hardly there [ u can see from the pic itself ].. so we used the tripod.. but boy i had to make a lonnggggg detour and run as fast as i can to make it on time! hoho.. [ panting heavily ]..

  2. fadzlizuka Post author

    hahahaa… local admire i guess..
    i notice you carry the same ip as mine so we must be knowing each other.. lol.

    ** aku rasa engkau adalah rizal al mashoor dot com slash blog … larikkkkk

  3. fadzlizuka Post author

    gyc… i notice you have completed all 5 entry on eastern europe.. i will make an entry for that. stay tune.

    dont give up on performance.. maybe it’s been better now 🙂

  4. fadzlizuka Post author

    wahkakakkaa.. aku rasa ramai orang tersilap ingatkan fadzli zainal artist tu rupanya fadzli osaman taro…
    ko per citer lel… bila nak akustika seround, aku dah beli bongo semata2 nak buat performance ni 😆

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