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my newborn baby girl


Alhamdulillah, thank god my wife has delivered our newborn baby girl at 12:32 today @ Ampang Puteri Specialist. Normal procedure.


both mum and baby is in great condition.
weight about 2.85kg, midwife said the cute baby face look like her father – but her skin is fair unlike her father.

a son, a daughter, father and mother… i am the happiest man in the world today :)
oh.. and i’m now officially two under two..


next, looking for a good name for my lovely daughter….
picture will follow soon.. stay tune


update (1) : i’ve added some pics.. more can be view from gallery HERE


update (2) : we’ve decided to give name : Alyaa Zulfah , in Malay: ketinggian darjat, kedudukan, kehampiran

Alyaa is an arabic word, in english it carry the following meaning : ‘sublime’
according to google, define:sublime give the following definition (i pick the related only)

Definitions of sublime on the Web:

  • empyreal: inspiring awe; “well-meaning ineptitude that rises to empyreal absurdity”- M.S.Dworkin; “empyrean aplomb”- Hamilton Basso; “the sublime …
  • reverend: worthy of adoration or reverence
  • lifted up or set high; “their hearts were jocund and sublime”- Milton
  • Zulfah is an arabic word, in English it means : Nearness, closeness.
    In the book which i referred, it translated as honor, position and closeness


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    Comment by azlan
    2008-07-23 22:43:06

    congratulation …. :)

    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-07-24 16:13:46

    thanks lan :)

    Comment by theorix
    2008-07-24 10:49:30

    need bigger house now :)

    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-07-24 16:17:03

    indeed, actually ‘the loan’ has been approved and i am ready to sign S&P anytime now.
    but that’s another story, another day… πŸ˜€

    Comment by Rizal
    2008-07-24 12:19:11

    two under two ok lagi. pasni cuba three under three pulak. haha! anyway congrats bro.

    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-07-24 16:24:41

    so rizal, you’re attempting three under three now? :))

    Comment by anilezfa
    2008-07-24 15:41:39

    congrats! Dah bagi nama jgn lupa bgtau .. btw post la gambar tu cpt2

    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-07-24 16:39:40

    thanks kak ina, i’ve updated with some pics..
    name? not confirmed yet, we’ll let you know once we finalized it.

    Comment by se7en
    2008-07-24 15:59:07


    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-07-24 23:56:13

    adi, thanks a lot :)

    Comment by Az
    2008-07-25 10:22:20

    Congratulation…Apa nama baby?

    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-07-26 17:16:12

    azriana, nama tak confirm lagi.. but we’re thinking something that start with ‘alyaa’ :), thanks for the wishes

    Comment by azie
    2008-07-25 12:29:58

    Salam Os..
    Congrat222….Dah bertambah ahli keluarga n bestnyer both of u dah ada boy n girl kan…:-)

    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-07-26 17:14:02

    azie n raiful, thanks for the wish :)
    yup, mmg seronok sebab dah dapat satu pair.

    Comment by anjang
    2008-07-25 15:51:19

    andak n hubby,
    congrats ek…

    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-07-26 17:14:50

    thanks anjang :)
    i’ll send a regards to nana.

    Comment by Ady Romantika
    2008-07-25 16:38:43

    Congratulations sekali lagi. Aritu ikut SMS tak kira haha.

    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-07-26 17:15:23

    huhuhuu.. thanks ady :)
    sms pun ok la.. πŸ˜€

    Comment by fiziskandarZ
    2008-07-27 10:52:30

    1. congratulations osh + nanako for ur cute newborn baby girl!! besh nyer besh nyer!
    2. give her our enormous hugs + kisses ok.
    3. and also, GAZILLION thanx for the entry in ur blog on ur honeymoon trip. we’re head over heels truly honored.
    4. anyways, the wrinkles that u mentioned is a texture effect i applied on the image – it looked ok on the normal size [ at least i think πŸ˜› ].. but somehow after i resize it ur fp’s view.. it turned out bad.. huhu..
    5. and no, i’m just merely help them to design those stuff and take some pictures.. no where near of being the event manager hoho.
    6. again, congratulations to u both from both of us.

    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-07-29 13:33:52

    gyc.. thanks for da wish.. slow and steady soon you’ll be organizing a whole event :)

    Comment by fariz & ita
    2008-07-27 14:32:28

    congratulation … di atas kelahiran.. moga menjadi anak solehah..

    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-07-29 13:32:21

    thanks fariz (bakap) n ita :)

    Comment by Abu Qassim
    2008-07-28 11:57:15

    Congrate bro, dah sepasang anak ko tu boy + girl,
    Semoga murah rezeki ke atas keluarga ko..

    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-07-29 13:25:58

    thanks abu + yunn :)

    Comment by yuzeiry
    2008-07-31 19:52:11

    Tahniah Os..
    Ko memang power..

    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-08-11 13:38:48

    power? huhuhuhu biasa2 aje…

    Comment by john & sabrina
    2008-08-01 15:44:59

    congratulation to u both on ur newborn bb. alyaa is so cute. syok la aaqil ada geng nak bermain. Pantang kat mana, kami plan nak dtg visit. Hugs n kisses for alyaa n aaqil.

    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-08-02 13:56:13

    nana pantang kat Klang, kalau nak visit calling2 la bila dah dekat2 nak sampai Klang,
    kami bawakkan ke rumah :)

    thanks Sabrina & John

    Comment by Universal Cynic
    2008-08-04 12:20:24

    Fulamak. Comelnya!
    Hehe, anak dekat2 ni, ko bersedia lah. Aku dah kena.. hahahah.. Mental kena kuat.

    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-08-10 11:55:23

    wahkakakaa.. ok thanks syafril for the heads up

    Comment by Sufee
    2008-08-11 04:16:51


    alhamdulillah..regards to Nana..have one of each, cool..happy for both of you. Hope to see you guys in here (aii…bila lagi nak amek gamba dengan camera canggeh manggeh tuh :p). Fadzli..congrates!

    Comment by nanako
    2008-08-12 11:44:40

    salaam sufee…
    aahhahhahaa… bile la nk smpai ‘here’ tu πŸ˜€ anyone would like to sponsor??

    Comment by farah.rahman
    2008-08-12 10:37:52

    pair??awesomeness!! cute lil’ baby girl. congrats again!

    Comment by fadzlizuka
    2008-08-20 23:41:32

    thanks farra :)


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