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mission : pasar siti khadijah in 50mm

I had a valuable experience shooting a wedding ceremony last weekend.
A lot of improvement still needed before i can start charging my next customer (second body, extra memory, FV lock, posing instruction, vertical shot, etc..). thanks to Peh for giving me the opportunity to capture your important day.

I will post the wedding picture later, this time i would like to showcase pasar khadijah captured with 50mm lens.


small cake decorated with malaysia flag, since the following week is national day001-national-day.jpg

around the center of market.013-center-stageIII.jpg

the one in the middle (bit like a bloating pancake) is one of kelantan speciality called akok. I’ve been eating them a lot. akok main ingredient is eggs (lot of them), coconut milk and brown sugar. The taste is like eating creme caramel and texture is very soft – despite its decent appearance, lol. Best eaten while it’s hot since you will feel like the akok is melting in your mouth. yummy!003-akok.jpg

first floor shop selling assorted keropok (fish cracker), serunding (meat floss), sweet dodol and cookies016-macam2-ada.jpg

one of my fren would like to buy 50 kilos of serunding,020-serunding.jpg

the shopkeeper : checking the stocks

outside a lot of stall selling veges and fruits. Mata kucing (literally “cat’s eye”)010-mata-kucing.jpg

dokong – classic local fruit. There are many types, the langsat, dokong and duku langsat. This is the Dokong which is larger and comes in bunches. It has a sweet,mildly sappy flesh004-dokong.jpg

ahh a banana..

there’s a lot more, you can view it in my IMAGE GALLERY :)

Bottomline: Altough i feel 50mm is a bit tele on DX body, it’s the best way to spend 300 ringgit on photography (i bought this lens second hand). I’d love to have 35mm f/2D next :)

oh and D80′s 10.2 megapixel now give me so much room for cropping and resize – which i enjoy very much.

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Comment by Ady Subscribed to comments via email
2008-09-03 22:04:20

10.2 mega pixel huh? Damn I envy you so much.

Anyway those picture looks very very very good. You have talent, keep it flowing. Next I must learn from you. I have too many theory in head when it comes to photography but when the moment comes I seem to lost it all.

Comment by Abu Qassim Subscribed to comments via email
2008-09-03 22:35:58

My point – The best pic is number three. Why? Because its show colourful image object surrounding the makcik. Its looks like taken from pro-photographer. :)

Maybeeee… Start from new year 2009, i will plan to upgrade my body DSLR. Hmm can wait lol…

Salam Ramadhan to all Fadzli.com viewers..

Comment by azlan
2008-09-03 22:41:42

waduhh…cantek bangat gambar tuan hamba…jelos hamba melihatnya…

Comment by fadzlizuka
2008-09-03 23:33:03

@Ady : 10.2 MP is great but it siphoned your memory like there is no tomorrow… all this while i thought 2 Gig is ample but now i think 4-8 gig is a must. thanks for the complement. Im also learning most of the time what on my mind didnot translate well into picture. senang citer idea ada, execution tu lemah :lol:

@Abu Qassim : thanks abu, pro? no la me just a newbie. number III is the best? i post process it using manny librodo technique. a bit too sharp and start to halos to my liking but glad that you like it. :) new body? always invest in good lens ok.. if you insist upgrading body, i would suggest D90.. :drooling:

@Azlan : thanks :), biasa biasa aja.. semua gambar jadi potrait masalahnya. the lens is too tele to take scenery that’s why i believe 26/28mm f/2.8 or 35mm f/2 would be better option for DX body, the focal length is just nice (35mm x 1.5 crop factor = 52.5mm)

Comment by Universal Cynic
2008-09-04 12:39:57

Isk… gambar2 cam ni time posa-posa ni.. isk.. isk… Tak patut. Tak patut.

Comment by fadzlizuka
2008-09-04 22:29:23

aikk syafril takkan tengok pisang pun tergoncang iman :lol:
just kidding, i know the cookies and kuih look del.ico.us :) or you’re refering to that awek in blue :lol:

Comment by abuqassim Subscribed to comments via email
2008-09-04 16:47:32

One more thing bro, all posted image is edited image of original image?? – Some of the image shown especially in magazine looks too ‘good’ in color – Just to wanna to know jer -

Comment by fadzlizuka
2008-09-04 22:31:13

all of them edited. i should post a non edited version next time to benefit viewer :)
post processing is pretty basic :- cropping, adjusting level, adjusting horizon, some minor saturation and finish it off with sharpening (manny librodo unsharp mask is my fav sharpening technique)

Comment by abuqassim Subscribed to comments via email
2008-09-04 22:58:28

Yeah.. Sometime i feel tertipu with the image shown because when i try with my DSLR, the image tak mcm dalam gambar walaupun the DSLR setting sebijik.. Hmmm..


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