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oh no.. my macbook keypad peeled off..

while im doing some photoshop last night, suddenly my macbook keypad peel off it’s casing. I have no idea what’s going on as i am not a hardcore gamer that utilize hard keyboard pressing. Even if im a gamer, keypad that will wear off or peel normally is A,S,D,W not E!. I dont think this is a standard quality of mac.. maybe im the unlucky dude who happen to get lemon macbook pro keypad.

I already sent an email to machines describing my problem. I try to make a phone call to their toll free number last night, too bad it’s close – they ask me to go to their asia support site.

i’m waiting for them to return my email / call. I will update you guys later
for those lurking for malaysia mac support number and email.
email : service[at]machines.com.my
toll free : (60) 1-800 803-638

Has anyone have tried to request support from machines/ mac malaysia before?, kindly share your experience here…

here some of the pics for your monday blues convinience… gelak jangan tak gelak.


more tragic screenshot after the jump…




while googling around the net – finding any other dude that might have the same issue like me and decide to youtube them, i discovered manual for service / fixing /  take apart macbook pro. too bad, the keypad comes in a whole set not one by one so the keypad installation mentioned there is not appropriate for my case. but it has a lot of other useful info about replacing LCD, hard disk switch button and etc.

you can view / dowload the macbook pro take apart (PDF) HERE


UPDATE on the keypad issue.
19th October
09:45 PM : Key pad coming out of casing. Heart broken, emotionally unstable. Later being cooled down by aaqil and my wife..
10:23 PM : discover macbook pro take apart manual, useful but not now, not my case..
11:00 PM : Bold attempt to call apple support, as expected.. support call center is closed
11:03 PM : Continue working with Photoshop, going sleep with broken heart

20th October
09:41 AM : Writing the macbook keypad entry
09:51 AM : Attempt to call apple support center. I got language option – choose malay language but the dude answering my call sounds like mat salleh. I end up giving information in English. lol…
09:57 AM : Support ended. I get my case ID, he ask me to contact one of the authorized service center from the list.. yaay!. but I am not sure where to send it, all of them if far from my working place, home.
12:17 PM : Ok now i can pick which authorized service center to send my mac. fren said vrtechnology is better than machine. I did google again, and i found in lowyat forum discussing about it. so i think i will try my luck with vrtechnology. Gonna give them a call soon…

21st October
01:21 PM : pay a visit to VR Technology, located at Megan Avenue, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng (from Jln Ampang, after KLCC take right at the Ambank T-junction). Just park at their basement B3 parking (lot of empty spaces, but the parking layout is kindda old style – BB plaza anyone?) and look for door number 6 & 7, take the lift to ground floor and the center is on your right side next to one mamak restaurant. They’ll check your serial, place the replacement part order, produce some sort of receipt and let you keep your mac until the part arrive from singapore. According to them when the replacement part is available, they’ll give a call and change it while you wait at the reception area.

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Comment by farah.rahman
2008-10-20 11:26:50

notebook mahal2 pon leh tercabut gak eh keypad die..hehe..
i think its the matter of users attitude la..

Comment by fadzlizuka
2008-10-20 11:30:45

wahhhh.. sedih, farra thought i am a ganas user. seriously i didnt smash or hard pressed any of the key… it just happened that i got a defect set (i think)

Comment by azlan
2008-10-20 12:03:31

hahhaha..tue maknanya kene tukau kepada new macbookpro..tanda dah ada… :)

Comment by fadzlizuka
2008-10-20 12:31:18

haha… the sign is always there, but the thing is i need to fix this in order to ‘fetch’ a good price later :lol:…

lucky for me, this should be easy fix according to VRTechnology techie fella… according to them i took 3-5 days to order and fix, which sound fair to me..

Comment by fazelina
2008-10-20 12:33:00

Now’s the time for you to utilize MAC support services that you had purchased along with ur mac. Sorry not really a mac fan

Comment by abuqassim
2008-10-20 18:21:48

Hmmm Hehehe – Don know what to say – Just be ‘sabar’ and ‘life must go on’ 😛 –

Bak kate pepatah melayu…



Peace – :)

Comment by nazham
2008-10-22 01:53:09

nasib baik aku pakai Dell …hahahaha… (tak baik eksyen…isk, mahzan…mahzan…)

Comment by fadzlizuka
2008-10-22 19:53:17

@ fazelina : already utilize it, now waiting for the replacement part to arrive.

@ abu : no glue, since it’s under warranty (until 2011) i SHOULD fully utilize it.

@ nazham : hahahaaa… wait, i heard XPS had some issues with LCD.. opssss. 😛


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