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i’m feeling lucky…

  1. go to google.com
  2. enter keyword fadzli
  3. hit that “i’m feeling lucky” button
  4. suprise! fadzli.com | blog …

hahahaa… you’re right, i am feeling lucky. fadzli is quite common in malaysia, getting on top of the list is quite an achievement.. lol.
many thanks to zeff and rizal for your effort to check this domain availability and poisoning me to buy this domain :)

this is what wiki said about google im feeling lucky 

trivia : before this, when you enter keyword ‘Miserable Failure’ im feeling lucky will direct you to George Bush biography page, oh how coincidence that would be. (i’ve tried before posting this, now it direct you to some BBC news page).

people said this feature cost google USD 110 million per year as 1% people is using it and skip the search result and advertising. To me it’s a new way of advertising since big guy would love to have this keyword just to make sure people landed on their page whenever they’re feeling lucky.

p/s: try keyword ‘monster’ and hit that i’m feeling lucky 😛

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Comment by Rizal
2008-11-05 20:56:53


rizal –> I’m Feeling Lucky –> wikipedia entry on Jose Rizal …

Comment by fadzlizuka
2008-11-06 21:40:42

guess you’re not the first rizal (yet).. 😛

Comment by dirn
2008-11-06 13:37:22


dirn -> I’m Feeling Lucky -> the free dictionary


Comment by fadzlizuka
2008-11-07 10:09:22

hey dirn, have you tried this:-

google.com -> dirn -> pages from malaysia button -> search -> your stat in blog malaysia info : http://blogmalaysia.com/detail/link-2206.html

but that’s need one extra step, so.. tak kira 😛

Comment by abuqassim
2008-11-07 18:44:54

Bro – aku lupa email ko,

ni font yg aku guna utk beautiful is empty : Candy Sniper

Comment by dirn
2008-11-08 13:33:54



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