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Apoi & Jie – Solemnization ceremony

It took a while for me to post this entry but hey it’s finally here. A nice way to start 2009 entry i guess. Congratulation to Apoi and Jie. I have a wonderful experience covering your events. May you guy live happily ever and after.

In this entry i will post their Majlis akad nikah (Solemnization ceremony), do come back for their Majlis kenduri :)

the green pelamin with a stroke of pink bunga telur. it was nicely design and decorated, there was a spotlight flooding the pelamin so from photographer point of view that’s a blessing 😀

both bride / brideroom anxiously waiting for the moment. Jurunikah is currently giving his advice or something like sermon (khutbah)

overview of the scene, family and friends gather around and waiting for the ijab kabul event

apoi trying to digest the advice given by jurunikah. Apoi look focus and calm throught the whole event. Not sleeping ok.. hahaa

ijab and kabul, the ijab is a bit different from what we annouce here in west malaysia but the idea is the same, the man agree to commit himself as a husband to the women he love with one  amount of dowry.

a doa followed after the ijab kabul is completed.

Jie, kissing husband hand for the first time as a wife. the whole house were in happy mode and ask her to freeze the action so that photpgrapher and videoman will capture this event. thehehhee! “lama sikit, lama sikit! shout the crowd..”

a joyful tear

apoi reading out the ta’liq

both ready at the pelamin to start marhaban+zanji and majlis berinai

and off we go with the majlis bersanding berinai

after the event, while guest is having their dinner apoi and jie gracefully possed for few more shot. I am so glad to have such a sporting and photogenic couple. With Ogy (the videoman) guides, the whole shooting session went very smooth.


stay tune for kenduri ceremony, i promise you guys it wont take 3 weeks… lol

see the full set of images in my gallery. thanks

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Comment by abuqassim
2009-01-04 00:32:17

Really really really nice pic.. I give u 4 thumbs up… :)

Cuma aku rasa (mungkin ko boleh explain skit nanti), ko menghadapi kesusahan sikit masa majlis akad nikah tu sebab space yang terhad. Susah ko nak move dari satu tempat ke satu tempat disebabkan tiada ruang utk bergerak. Jadi sukar nak amik angle yang sesuai dan menarik.

Aku tak sure ko ade buat croping gambar diatas atau dalam gallery. Sebabnya angle and komposisi nampak balance. Takde object luar yg terselit dipepenjuru gambar yg boleh mengganggu gambar tue.

Kumpul duit beli wide angle.. Perghhhh mmg stim abis semua gambar tue… hehehe..

But nice try bro.. Lain kali boleh la aku TA dgn ko.. Jgn lupo aku bro… hehehe

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-01-04 09:28:33

ok no problem, aku sure ajak ko kalau ada tag along.
WA mmg idaman bro.. kewangan tak mengizinkan lagi… buat masa ni aku pakai 2 body, satu attached 35mm satu lagi 18-200. kalau boleh nak satu attach 12-24mm satu lagi 24-70 gitu wahhahahaa…

aku terasa 12-24 nikkor cam praktikal compared to 11-16, dalam tahun depan kalau ada rezeki mmg nak sambar yang second hand satu. :)

thanks for your comment :)

Comment by nanako
2009-01-04 07:21:56

abu… jgn meracuni pikiran fadzli ngn wide lens 😀 no more lens for this year… heehehhee..
anyway.. to mr photographer.. good job.. next time leh angkut satu family g holiday kt sabah pulak ye… jom mabul :)

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-01-04 09:30:24

ohh mama, this year tu refering to 2008 ok.. not 2009. lol
mabul? 2 kali tukar flight, naik boat dengan 2 anak kecik.. huhuhuu the journey itself already challenging and adventurous :)

Comment by nanako
2009-01-04 22:23:59

hellooo abg.. pls see my comment posted date. it stated there 2009 😀
omg.. kena naik boat pulak ke???!! cancel la camni… kite tukar plan.. heehhee..

Comment by abuqassim
2009-01-04 12:36:45

Nana – Investment dalam lense ni tak rugi. Kalau jual balik still ade harga and demand dia still ader.. kalau fadzli giler make-up kete and modified kete, itu patut dihalang hahaha..rugi make-up kete nie..kete dah xde harga.. tapi bro fadzli kena slow2, dah ade 2 org (son + daughter)..byk pakai duit oo.. aku?stil belum ade anak, so leh enjoys lagi skit….hehe :) :) :)

Comment by nanako
2009-01-04 22:28:23

abu.. udah2 la dulu ngn lens 😀 kalau fadzli giler make-up kete aku dh ckp awl2, aku taknak naik kete tu… aakkakakkkaa lol
enjoy ar puas2, tp perlu beringat jugak…

Comment by dian nais
2009-01-05 12:05:35

waahh.. aku suka shot gambar ko..
keep it up…

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-01-09 00:49:04

thanks dian :)

Comment by radziapoy
2009-01-05 19:45:19

Salam bro..
Kami (G n Apoi) ucapkan ribuan tima kasih pada mr. photographer kerana dengan susah payah dan kesudian turut serta dlm majlis rombongan pekahwinan kami di Sabah..

Secara keseluruhannye kami berpuas hati ngan output yg mr. photographer berikan.. Keep it up.. klu ade sape2 yg nak amik gambor kawen ke tunang ke leh le contact mr. photographer.. hehe.. mcm2 tau skill possing die.. penat gak nak apoi possing.. hehe

Thanks pada nana dan anak2 gak pasal sanggup bjauhan dgn “papa” selama beberapa hari.. :)

– klu buleh atach le gambo sanding skali.. nak gak tengok.. :)

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-01-05 20:13:50

thanks apoi.. gambo bersanding will be uploaded soon.. :)
banyak sangat nak taruk semua sekali harung

Comment by Rizal
2009-01-07 17:55:58

Hey bro, thanks for layaning my feature request for posting dates to be displayed on all previous post pics … your blog is perfect now hahahaha

BTW I like 010a-wedding-apoi.jpg the best because it really captures the feeling of the moment. All the rest are nice too, the meriahness of the situation jumps out of the pics. I’m sure you’ll be getting more wedding photography requests from now on …

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-01-09 00:50:32

thanks for the wishes… and i hope i can get enough strength to do post processing much3 faster. mati customer marah gambar lambat siap.


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