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bandar nusaputra interchange II

4 month ago, i posted an entry about nusaputra cloverleaf exit that will connect bandar nusaputra to cyberjaya. OK call it whatever you want, putra perdana interchange, amanputra interchange, nusaputra interchange, qcells interchange. it’s the same interchange that will inter-connect folks from this vicinity to cyberjaya and selangor science park 2.

After 4 months as you can see from picture, there some improvement.

my wild estimation saying that this interchange will be ready in December 2009. but one of the local forumer from nusaputra.com did the following guideline/prediction which look like a good prediction:-

1) Retaining wall to complete (at SSC2) – estimate by end April 2009
2) Road side drain to start
3) Road kerb to start
4) Precast beam (at Nusaputra side) to launch – estimate by May 2009 and finish not later than end June 09
5) All underground services i.e. water, 11kv cable, fiber optic start by May 2009 & follow with road base
6) Crusher run to start – estimate by June 09 at SCC2 and July 09 at Nusaputra side
7) 1st layer of premix (ACBC) – estimate by August 2009
8.) 2nd layer of premix (ACWC) with road line – estimate by end August/September
9) Road accessries i.e. guard rail, road sign, traffic light by September 09
10) Testing & Commissioning by October to November 2009
11) Official open by December 2009

please enjoy some of the pictures from my yesterday site visit. I took the tanah merah road almost everyday. Bumpy ride but took me 12 minute to reach home using this alternative road.


in my last related entry only the middle beam is ready, now it’s almost completed.

panoramic shot of the whole interchange.

road to precinct 2.

yeah, that’s 4/2C road.

you can see the rest of images in my gallery

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Comment by homeowner
2009-04-22 02:31:09

mcm ku kenal keta tu..hahahha…

Comment by norm
2009-04-22 19:34:04

what’s up dude..how you know so detail bout this interchange construction?
r u the planner working for this contractor?! how the progress so far?
on schedule or already delay…btw..thanks for the info!

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-04-22 23:12:59

no im not planner or worker there, it just happen that one of the guy in our community happen to know and give his detail observation and prediction :)

thanks for dropping by

Comment by Mahesh
2010-01-28 09:53:02

Thank Bro for updates.

I am thinking to explore option to buy property in Nusaputra and was wondering what the status now? Could you please help me – how long it takes to go to Brickfileds in peak time and which road to take?

Many thanks in advance!


Comment by ramesh kumar
2009-06-20 18:03:17

heyy fadzli i would like to ask, where do u access the tanah merah road? im stayin in putra perdana and if there a way to use the road that u mention, it would be easy for me to go to cyberjaya as i use the LDP way. thank you.

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-06-21 11:41:12

hi ramesh, unfortunately currently the tanah merah road is currently close – i think due to the rapid construction.

Comment by Timothy
2009-07-27 08:18:15

Hi Fadzli. I am curious. Could this be just a flyover to the other side? Maybe it doesn’t access to KL – Putrajaya?

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-07-27 18:21:09

hi, the interchange did have entry and exit point. futhermore, the light post is already up and you can roughly see the entry and exit point from this interchange to/from kl/putrajaya and elite highway

this interchange progress update is long overdue… ill try to update the progress in the next few days (or weeks)

Comment by Md Yus
2009-08-31 11:19:32

I have tried passing thru to the acess road thru construction road..it only takes 8 minutes to putrajaya sentral….i hope it will be completed soon…tired of going out thru LDP… :)

Comment by haidar
2009-09-27 23:59:21


skrg tgh tgk satu rumah di nusaputra. Rumah tu style Saujana, jadi ni dalam area Nusaputra Presint 2 ni ke? Thnx!

Comment by forest
2009-10-02 11:43:05

Hello Fazli & all viewers,

Update progress for your information:

Progress as of 25th August 2009

Guys, from my daily observation at site I can see there are tremendous progress at site. At Nusaputra side, they already complete around 60% of road kerb inclusive at the curvature side. Road base at this side also almost complete. This is great because once road kerb & road base is ready, they can premix the road anytime from now. My estimation they will finish all the major works before October 2009. I’ll try upload progress picture soon.

Progress work at site:
1) Road kerb + outlet pipe
2) Road base + crusher run
3) Water pressure test

Remaining work at site:
1) Minor RC pile works
2) Back filling + earth works
3) Street lighting (20-30 nos)
4) Premix (ACBC – 1st layer before it goes to 2nd layer)
5) Pavement at median & side road
6) Turfing

Progress as of 25th September 2009

Guys, please read our interchange progress for this month. Good news is they have started premix at curvature side (you can see from main road itself)! yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Progress work at site:
1) Road kerb + outlet pipe
2) Road base + crusher run
3) Road premix (at curvature & ACDC lane)
4) Earth fill at median road (later to turf)
5) Concrete barrier
6) ACDC (acceleration & deceleration lane, connected to main road)

Remaining work at site:
1) Back filling + earth works
3) Street lighting (20-30 nos)
4) Premix (ACBC – 1st layer before it goes to 2nd layer) – estimated 2 km left from nusaputra heading to cyberjaya
5) Pavement/turf at median & side road
6) Turfing works at slope area
7) Road accessories i.e. road mark, sign post etc.

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-10-04 03:38:30

thanks for the detail observation forest. :)
this going to benefit a lot of viewer here. cheers

Comment by Md Yus
2009-10-07 17:10:31

Yess…I like this….thanks bros for the updates…maybe can use already now

Comment by Sue
2009-10-07 14:58:04

when moving is neighbour? im your neighbour, my house right opposite of urs?

Comment by shahril
2009-10-26 11:39:26


From my latest observation 26/10/2009 AM, the flyover almost ready except road leading to AmanPutra/Nusaputra/Putra Perdana still under construction.. (belum tar lagi)..

Hopefully this can solved most of the problem faced by our neighbourhood – easy access Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, KLIA, KL

-Putra Perdana-

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-10-26 21:59:32

thanks to the community that contribute with status update. :)

i plan to take the latest picture but i don’t have time for that yet :(
agree with all, the interchange is in a very good shape and december completion is a very realistic target.

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-10-26 22:00:50

ohh ya… guard rail pun dah naik.. :)

Comment by MdYus
2009-10-29 21:29:47

Hi all,
Been using the access road for the past 1-2 months….The contractor has closed the entrance since last Friday…gotta use LDP again! What a hassle…hope the interchange would be opened soon…

Comment by forest
2009-11-01 21:50:39

Progress as of 25th October 2009

Suddenly the progress is slow dramatically… I have no idea why suddenly not much progress at site for this month. Hopefully they still be able to meet the estimate dateline by this end December 2009.

Progress work at site:
1) Compact Sub
2) Road base + sand
3) 2nd layer of road premix (at straight, curvature & ACDC lane)
4) Road line, road sign & guard rail
5) Landscape work

Remaining work at site:
1) Premix (ACBC – 1st layer before it goes to 2nd layer) – estimated 2 km left from nusaputra heading to cyberjaya
2) Pavement/turf at median & side road
3) Turfing works at slope area
4) Road accessories i.e. road mark, sign post etc.

Comment by FAizan
2010-02-09 16:33:47

Actually saya ada tanya PKNS berkenaan dgn interchhange ini.. saya difahamkan jalan penghubung sepanjang 2km ini dibina oleh pemaju Nusaputra(dah lupa apa nama dia..Unggul apa ntah..). Jadi mintak tolong lah kawan2 di Nusaputra untuk mendesak pemaju anda menyiapkan ichange tersebut untuk kebaikan semua. Paling tidak pun kalau dia tidak buka.. buka jalan yg belum siap itu untuk kita lalu.. Semalam dia dah buka tapi baru sebentar tutup balik. Jalan tanah merah kat belakang pun sudah ditutup.. So saya tgk penduduk2 di sini sudah tiada pilihan. Saya tgk yg byk pakai jalan tanah merah inipun penduduk Nusaputra.. Jadi maybe kita boleh desak pemaju Nusaputra sebab dia yg jual rumah ini pada kita dgn harga mahal dan menjanjikan jalan itu sejak bertahun2 dulu….

Comment by shahril
2010-02-23 12:18:18

smlm try flyover ini from Putra Perdana/Nusa putra straight to MMU Cyberjaya.

Distance only 4KM!!

Cuma yang jadi tandatanya bila Flyover ni nak siap sepenuhnya dan dibuka kepada orang ramai..??

P/s: Lubang dikorek oleh pihak pemaju telah dikambus oleh org2 yg perihatin.. :)

Comment by joetan
2010-02-24 12:38:15

the flyover is completed, but the connection road from nusaputra/amanputra is yet to be completed. some say half to be done by amanputra and half to be done by nusaputra. some say cost sharing by both amanputra/nusaputra….but from commercial sense, nusaputra should take the initiative to complete the road as they are still selling their houses based on their promises (20min to KLCC etc)……….no sense why they aborted it.

Comment by shahril
2010-03-15 15:47:08

Berikut adalah jawatan dari Majlis Perbandaran Sepang berhubung status terkini flyover tersebut:

Terima kasih di atas aduan pihak tuan.

1) Untuk makluman pihak tuan,pihak majlis telah dimaklumkan oleh PNSB sebagai pemilik projek bahawa mengikut jadual persimpangan bertingkat ini sepatutnya dibuka pada April,2010.Walaubagaimanapun,terdapat mendapan tanah yang berlaku dikawasan ini yang mungkin akan menjejaskan tarikh sebenar pembukaan.Pihak PNSB sedang berusaha untuk memperbaiki mendapan itu sekarang ini.

Jika terdapat sebarang pertanyaan,sila hubungi Pengarah Kejuruteraan Majlis Perbandaran Sepang En.Zulkefli Bin Mohamed Arif ditalian 03-83190200 Ext:232.

Sekian, terima kasih.


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