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nasi lemak antarabangsa

i have no idea since when they commercialize this ‘nasi lemak antarabangsa’ kampung baru brand. That morning i decided to try their breakfast. Picture after the jump with some comment…

black coffee – great taste – 5 star. Lovely bokeh from 35mm f/2D too…

half boiled egg with black soy sauce – the egg turn out ok – per description (half boiled) but the black soy sauce REALLY annoying and spoil the taste. They use sweet soy sauce (kicap manis). To my personal taste, they both just didn’t match. You must have half boiled egg with kicap masin. Plain simple.

roti bakar, toasted bread with pandan jam + butter. the bread is OK, but the pandan jam is too thick, killing off all other taste. i prefer old town.

nasi lemak. nothing spectacular and i think nasi lemak pasar datuk keramat taste better.

My other complain is that the staff  tend to ‘terlepas pandang’ customer who sit at the corner. During my time there, at least three customers leaving the shop because they’re not attended. Something that they need to improve other than that kicap masin and pandan jam. Ohh and nasi lemak always taste better when it’s hot.

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Comment by abuqassim
2009-07-10 01:03:24

Aku tgk ikan bilis tuh pun aku tak suka. Betul, nasi lemak depan office pun lagi terangkat and service tak layan customer mmg ‘SUCK’…..

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-07-10 10:42:30

sokong!! bilis aku suka yang kecik2 dan ranggup

Comment by abuqassim
2009-07-11 00:44:15

itu ikan bilis murah…tp charge mahal…..itu la melayu….

Comment by Ady
2009-07-10 10:00:10

Kat mana diorang commercialize ni? Takkan kat jalan kecik kat Kg Baru tu kot…?

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-07-10 10:44:09

merata-rata dah ada sekarang.. setau aku kat ampang park, tmn melati n jusco AU2 ada…

Comment by cik yuki
2009-08-09 16:56:33

kt bgsar village pn de gk. dpn tuh. uhuhu

Comment by nanako
2009-07-10 20:50:16

the best nasik lemak ialah yg dijual di gerai2 tepi jln… murah dan jugak sedap 😀

Comment by abuqassim
2009-07-11 00:45:34

makan kat kg baru tu lagi best..teringat zaman wat projek LRT putra sampai 5 pagi….lepas tu terus sarap kat nasi lemak tuh….wakaka

Comment by azlan
2009-07-12 03:07:26

oit nie kat mana…x tulis pon..

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-07-28 00:40:06

ni dekat Taman Melati, same row with that Leha Kelfood, Sate Kajang etc..

Comment by rizal
2009-07-14 11:59:20

Paling sedap tahun 1997/98. Tengah malam buta pun beratur panjang gila kat Kg Baru. Tapi since then they gradually went downhill, don’t know why. Chef lari kot.

Comment by jaksparrow
2009-07-18 12:44:58

chef sama mybe because of the jam lh

Comment by nelidya
2009-07-16 22:46:20

haa heemi sangat teringin nak try tapinya ari tuh gi, bibik lak tak nak sebab tak de nasik goreng. Muahaha!
Tak kenanya hafl boiled egg makan ngan kicap manis. Tak pelik ke telan?
Teehee :)

Comment by jaksparrow
2009-07-18 12:42:49

tq for your comments the eggs must go with kicap masin

Comment by jaksparrow
2009-07-18 12:40:19

terima kasih atas perhatian anda segala cadangan akan kami pertimbangkan

Comment by mojo
2009-07-21 10:09:03

ive been there last month
service out
the nasi lemak is damn cool (why they dont heat it up???)
i cant understand…they are open branches everywhere
but this simple basic thing they overlooked? (is that the best word to put some meaning in there?)
nah i believe they just open for the sake of famous brand NASI LEMAK KAMPUNG BARU
price? damn expensive
bfast for 2 adults and 1 kids cost me 36
that is definately unacceptable!!!

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-07-21 21:31:52

aye sir, have to agree the sejuk nasi lemak and too many branches especially in the ampang area (melati, ampang park, aeon AU2)

they have to improve to survive

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-07-21 21:33:11

regarding the price, well it’s always like that…
when business become a franchise everyone want their share :) price eventually went up as well…

Comment by sharp
2009-08-05 12:20:15

beb.. ada sesiapa yang leh bantu ker??
leh dapatkan number owner Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa

Comment by ayie
2009-08-13 18:52:41

kalo dpt number owner pun you nk buat ape?

Comment by ajoy
2009-08-24 12:57:33

nk nombor owner mintak kt office dia… 03-42700870

Comment by 1 malaysia
2009-08-27 15:43:31

Do u want to open branch at puchong area pls reply asap …. tq

Comment by fadzlizuka
2009-08-28 04:33:45

opening a branch? we’re here for food review

Comment by yan
2010-08-11 23:52:38

sometime…….. dia orang jual nasi lemak asal jual je, sambal x sedap, nasi x rasa lemak dan wangi……rasa nasi lemak gerai tepi jalan murah dan amat sedap.


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