Gunpla in bangkok. VCA Gundam Thailand.

As a gunpla modeler myself, i always take an opportunity to check gunpla store whenever i travel.

I had an opportunity to visit Bangkok, based on quick research from google maps and reddit, i have decided to explore this first gundam store : VCA Gundam Thailand.

The store open daily from 10 am until 7 pm. It accept all major credit cards.

For tourist and traveler. It is best to travel via train. The shop located outskirt of Bangkok but the direction is fairly straight forward :- just take BTS Sukhumvit Line heading towards Udom Suk. Take the exit to your left upon exiting the ticket barrier and head straight until you see a posh looking condominium. The shop is at the first floor.

Its a beautiful  and well organized store Рyou can get almost all recent models here. The price is comparable with my local store back in Malaysia so i didnt buy any kit.

You would not noticed any premium bandai kit on display. The staff may have a limited english speaking capability but fortunately have very depth gunpla product knowledge. Just show him any model that you desired and he should be able to tell whether they have in stock or not.

The store have a very strong online presence, you may check any of their social channels. I end up buying skull acrylic color for 100 Baht each mostly. It is much cheaper than in Malaysia.

By the way, The metal build on display is awesome. They may have some ready stock. Just show the guy any particular model and they should be able to assist.

In the next post. I will share another store which located at the mall nearby Ekkamai BTS

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