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of asam pedas power and bowling (part II)

Enough from the intro. Let’s proceed with part two report of our malacca trip. we decided to have asam pedas for dinner as ikan bakar trip would take longer time and it would be impossible to slot in a bowling event. pictures after the jump….

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Coming soon.. Melaka

Early January 2010, the group of che’ amah kezen decided to pull some stunt and coordinate a cousin-only weekend holiday gitu. the trip went very well, im enjoying it every single moment. So sorry for this late entry, i believe by the time i publish this pics, my cousins / nephews already finalize their plan […]

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another alyaa and nusaputra entry

Yet another alyaa and nusaputra entry. My house can be considered as ready to move in actually, but we’re still waiting for the following item before moving in:- Finding the proper nursery Interchange to complete Pindah barang from my sister’s house + Curtain Streamyx Streamyx Streamyx Enjoy alyaa picture after the jump…..

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bandar nusaputra interchange III

Hopefully this would be the last update for the interchange. You can refer to here and here for previous entry One of my blog reader posted the following details in my previous entry (thanks forest!) Progress as of 25th October 2009 Suddenly the progress is slow dramatically… I have no idea why suddenly not much […]

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touch n go – 20% rebate details

lets monitor your touch n go rebate value online I’ve been curious about this rebate scheme since it was announced back in mid July. I think most of the user also confused about the implementation. I’ve check the website, enroll to their online portal and i’d like to share some information to you guys.

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