simpleviewer demo for image gallery

testing simpleviewer in wordpress . this nextgen gallery look cool too..

and i end up using nextgen gallery, which i think is the best for my case.

Ok let me briefly describe the picture. it was taken months ago – i just bought a new speedlight (SB600) and i would like to give night shot (which i hate very much) a try.. i turn out quite nice 🙂 and it would be better if i have some sort of diffuser. All pics color look saturated – i always prefer saturated color but in this case it’s too saturated. and this also prove my camerabuddy advice keat is right, speedlight 1st f1.8 later for night shot.

Event took place at futsal arena in carrefour sri petaling. im suprised with the attendance. it’s been a while we manage to get more than 10 people joining in. we end up playing for 2 hours+ and need to pay RM11. Good value for money and the most important is to get intouch with old buddy… people like yo and zika.. i haven’t met them since i graduated. so it’s good to know they’re doing well.

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