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When : Saturday 12th April 2008
Where : Kg Sungai Udang, Klang
Why: Aqiqah ceremony

What is aqiqah?,

i got this from Islamic Institute of Toronto © 2003-2008,

Aqiqah involves sacrificing a goat or lamb on behalf of the child. It is giving thanks to Allah for the gift of a child. The meat is distributed to the poor, or it can be used to arrange a feast to which the poor as well as relatives and friends are invited.

It is reported that the Prophet, pbuh, sacrificed a goat each for his grandsons Hasan and Husain. It is recommended that, on the day of aqiqah, the child is given a good name, his head is shaved, and his/her hair weighed as gold and its equivalent in money is given in charity. If, for any reason, aqiqah cannot be done on the seventh day, it can be done on the fourteenth, twenty-first or whenever possible. However, it should not be unnecessarily delayed.

Lastly, the significance of aqiqah is that it is part of the Abrahamic legacy. Prophet Ibrahim, peace be on him, was a man of tawhid, and his entire life typified that of a perfect muwahhid or monotheist. He abolished sacrifices or rituals to deities other than Allah, and allowed sacrifices and prayers to be directed solely to Allah. The rituals associated with aqiqah, therefore, can be considered as a child’s initiation into the lessons of tawhid.

enjoy the pictures. 🙂

[singlepic=22,600,450,,center]preparing lunch for volunteers. since they’re gathering to help, it is part of the host task to prepare lunch and dinner for the attendance, in return they will help to prepare all the ingredient for the kenduri (aqiqah on saturday nite and wedding ceremony on sunday afternoon)
[singlepic=23,450,600,,center]ain, my niece
[singlepic=24,600,450,,center]housewives preparing the raw ingredient for lunch and dinner
[singlepic=25,600,450,,center]menu for lunch, fried fish with ‘cicah’ asam, sprout ‘salad’ (err.. kerabu) and mutton bone soup. That marrow ooze is very yummy – 100% cholestrol.. you’ve been warned.
[singlepic=26,600,450,,center]not salty enough? both chefs busy giving instruction. ajinomoto is strictly prohibited.
[singlepic=27,450,600,,center]nearby relative preparing cocunut milk, one of key ingredient for rendang. what is rendang?
[singlepic=28,600,450,,center]overview of preparation area. a square pangkin and big tent can easily accomodate 15-20 person
[singlepic=29,450,600,,center]kayu api, slow and steady burn to ensure quality
[singlepic=30,600,450,,center]tempe, made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form. invented by javanese.

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  1. Sarojini Devi

    Hi Fadzli, I hope you don’t mind if you comment on your grammar. Looks like you’re making the basic mistake of not using the plural form. Examples:

    “enjoy the picture.”
    “preparing lunch for volunteer.”
    “both chef busy giving instruction”

    There are many pictures; there are lots of volunteers; and there are two chefs. Just take care of your plurals and you’re well on your way 😉

    By the way, I like your photos!

  2. Sarojini Devi

    Sorry, I made a typo – I meant to say, “I hope you don’t mind if I comment on your grammar.”

    Next time I’ll make sure to proofread what I wrote before clicking the Submit button 🙂

  3. fadzlizuka Post author

    @Sarojini Devi :-
    hey… i know that IP very well 😛

    As written in my about page, excuse my english 😀 im here to learn em as well. thanks for your constructive remark, keep doing it.

    btw, i already corrected them and thanks for visiting too…

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