post processing technique : manny librodo USM

During my last year visit to Kota Bharu i took this picture.
Please allow me to describe this ‘must visit place’ when you go to Kelantan. Pasar Siti Khadijah – It’s one of the most beautiful and photographed market in malaysia. You can buy almost anything here :- fresh meat, vegetables, batiks, kain baju kurung, scarves, brass equipment, prayer accessories, weapon etc… Located at the heart of Kota Bharu, you cannot claim you’ve been to Kelantan if you miss this market.

The photo is rich in color but lack in contrast and saturation/vibrant to my likening.
I google for post process enhancement, after almost 2 hours i finally landed to a page/forum that teach a technique called manny librodo sharpening technique (unsharp mask). i tried and here is the final result.

sharing the good things, and credit to the place where i found it, here is the the steps to achieve it:-

Background copy
USM 18-40-0
USM 150-.3-0
Edit>Fade USM 100% in Darken Mode
USM 150-.3-0
Edit>Fade USM 50% in Lighten Mode
Flatten image

For seasoned photoshoppers, above command is understandable. ok for those who didnt understand, this is sort of details step by step on how to achieve the result. haha.. screenshot from mac’s photoshop cs3.

1. Open your image that you want to apply this technique.

2. Do other adjustment first. resizing, cropping, leveling, adjust the curve etc.. until the second final step where you want to sharpening it. (and finally flatten it again)

3. This is where the technique start : Flatten the image.

4. Duplicate current image (by dragging image in layer plate (on right panel) to new icon, next to bin icon in the layer plate)
drag layer to second icon from right

5. Select the background layer by clicking it in the layer plate.

6. goto Filter -> Sharpen -> Unsharp Mask… and enter Amount 18, Threshold 0 and Radius 40. click OK
unsharp mask

7. Goto Filter -> Sharpen -> Unsharp Mask… and enter Amount 150, Threshold 0 and Radius 0.3. click OK
unsharp mask

8. Goto Edit and pick ‘Fade Unsharp Mask’ set the Opacity to 100% and choose Darken in the Mode dropdown list. Click OK
set the darken opacity

9. Goto Filter -> Sharpen -> Unsharp Mask and enter Amount 150, Threshold 0 and Radius 0.3. Click OK
unsharp mask

10. Now goto Edit -> ‘Fade Unsharp Mask’ set the Opacity to 50% and choose Lighten in the Mode dropdown list. Click OK
set the lighten opacity

10. Finally goto Layers -> Flatten image to flatten the image.

here is the comparison between before and after post processing.

im not sure why, but my post process result in this picture is wayyyy much better than what i demonstrated here. maybe dpi?, compression?, color profile? file size? – it’s already late morning now… Try it yourself, but from my observation this technique work best when your picture has multiple color and in good dynamic range. Watch out the level of noise too…

8 thought on “post processing technique : manny librodo USM”

  1. fiziskandarz

    hey hey hey osh.. didn’t realize u moved here.. with ur super shiny brand new laptop and impossible-not-to-be-missed own domain! way to go! anyways.. thanx for the tip 😉 [ mana gamba2 baru guna lense paparazzi itu? ] 😛

  2. fadzlizuka Post author

    hi.. gyc-san.. thanks for visiting.
    masta, this technique is for newcomer like me lah to get something out of ordinary picture… expert like you can relax and let the excellent composition, timing, and candid-ness to do the talking. 200mm at f5.6, huhuhuu not paparazzi enough… (baru mama-razi)

    i looooove mbp trackpad, i even use that pad for photoshop editing: that would be slow, almost impossible with pc. As for, i never thought it’s a vacant domain. buying it on impulse, never regret since then 🙂

  3. Abu Qassim

    Nice tip.. Had tested with 3 image files and the result is “stunning” iOi . Can u shared with another tips??

    One more thing bro.. I want your advice la.. Let say i have budget around Rm1k to 1.5K. I wanted to have a nikkor lense with zomming capability. Lense with AF-S Nikkor Lens 18mm-135mm. But this lens is not VR lens like you have.. Hoohohoh.. It is worth it to buy this lense for me???? Is this lens available in Malaysia market?? Helpppp…..

  4. fadzlizuka Post author

    budget 1.5k.. hmmm… get a second hand 18-135mm . should be around 1k plus..

    IMHO you can still capture good image at 135mm without VR.

    but if that’s my money and i dont have other lens yet, i’d buy 70-300mm VR .. at RM1.8k
    simpan sikit, beli 70-300mm terus … tak rugi… 🙂

  5. Abu Qassim

    Hehehe – Good suggestion – Ade kedai jual second hand lens ke?

    Soklan beginner mcm aku –
    Ape beza(generally) starting Lens zooming value 18 and 70mm??

    Maybe one day ko boleh assist aku beli lens 70-300mm kat kedai pilihan ko LOL….

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