lets learn panning shot

best.jpgAh.. panning shot.. one of the most exciting skill to learn. as a newcomer i love the picture produced when applying this technique but unfortunately this technique really depends on luck and a lot of practices (how does 1 acceptable picture in 30 shot sounds?)

pan? because normally we pan the subject not tilt or zoom (but you can be creative by doing tilting and zooming shot btw)
the idea is to follow your subject during the exposure time. by doing that, you will get a blurred background and sharp subject. this IMHO is the better than high shutter speed picture since there is a sense of movement by panning the subject, the body look static, but the wheel look blur.

this is my setup :-

  • choose slow shutter speed. if your camera reads 1/100, reduce it to 1/50 , 1/30 or even 1/10 seconds. experiment with shutter speed a lot. remember, the slower the shutter, the longer you have to pan the target thus increase the probability of shaking and out of focus subject.
  • get parrallel with subject you’re panning remember? so the best and easiest is to get parallel with subject.
  • avoid the traffic, get elevated and uncluttered area
  • get start from your left or right side, release the shutter and continue to pan (even when you viewfinder goes black) unitl you reach the other side of view (if left – right, vice versa)

be creative, be very patient and experiment a lot with your shutter speed. your best picture is just around the corner 🙂

here is my example shot..


this is not a good one, the subject already left the scene.. so make sure to start panning when subject entering the frame.




4 thought on “lets learn panning shot”

  1. Abu

    Hai Bro…

    Nice to ‘meet’ you here.. Hehe.. Wanna to ‘share’ with u, i just brought Nikon D40.. Same model like u.. Still learning the technique and skills on photoshot. Still slow to understand all the “term” in photography world. Not much time to learn.

    Maybe one day we can sit at mamak stall (Maju Terus) and exchange idea ??

  2. fadzlizuka Post author

    mr abu qassim 🙂
    that’s a good move.. now you need to setup your online photo sharing places so that other can give input. go abu go…

    lets have teh-tarik session! jom mamak heheheee

  3. nina

    os, nak tak cover utk birthday anak aku? boleh call aku tak? 013-XXXXXXX tengkiu 🙂

    —edit by fadzlizuka 05/07/2008 at 17:56—
    phone number saved and removed from comment entry. 🙂

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