190cx3 : new tripod in town.. 190cx3 vs 190XPROB

002.jpg Yesterday when im about to buy manfrotto 190XPROB tripod, i browse manfrotto website for news on latest product. surprise surprise! a new 100% carbon fibre tripod has been released by manfrotto to replace their 190XPROB. OK 190cx3 is the tripod to buy. YL camera service @ pudu plaza, here i come!! 

Unfortunately, this new tripod cost almost double of 190XPROB I can only admire the new carbon fibre tripod but my budget only allow me to buy 190XPROB. Nevertheless im happy with my new tripod. Now i can start to explore HDR, night portrait and i can take family picture.

here is the minisite for x tripod : http://x.manfrotto.com/

here is vital stats comparison between 190XPROB and 190CX3

  description 190XPROB 190CX3
length when closed close length 57.0 cm 55.0 cm
minimum lngth minimum height 8.5 cm 6.0 cm
max length maximum height 146.0 cm 146.0 cm
weight weight 1.80 kg 1.32 kg
max load max load capacity 5.00 kg 5.00 kg
how much price RM 400 RM 800 +

it’s up to you to decide, for a hobbyist with limited budget like me – it’s a no brainer question… : 190XPROB is the way to go.. hopefully i can live with that extra 500g by saving RM400.

here is some of the tripod picture 🙂


190XPROB tripod with 484RC2 ball head


the rest of images is here

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