gaffer tape… a rare item in malaysia (LOL)


i’ve been looking for this item for almost a year. it’s funny this item is such a rare item here in Malaysia.

what is gaffer tape?, wiki definition is here. well it looks just like ordinary duct tape.. but what make this tape special (and costlier) is the fact that this tape leaves no sticky residue when being removed. No cutting tool is required, can easily be torn. Apollo gaffer tape has a long product life with competitive quality.


I plan to protect all my camera, accessories curves already started with my handphone, next is my camera bottom and my tripod.

oh btw, i get this item from Singapore. fren of mine living/working there. A phone call from TM fixed line (hope not too expensive) to his singapore mobile phone and done deal. So when he told me he’ll be back to KL  during weekend – i quickly order 2. one for me another for ex-colleague. I have no idea this gaffer tape is that HUGE. please refer to gallery for some other shot :-

4 thought on “gaffer tape… a rare item in malaysia (LOL)”

  1. fiziskandarz

    quick question.. how do u plan to use this enormous tape to cover ur gadgets? [ it’ll look hideous if u wrap it around don’t u think? huhu ].. anyways i just read ur entry regarding ur tripod.. oh boy.. i feel like a dinasour! i don’t even know about those techical jargon when buying one as long as it serve as a tripod huhu.. thanx for the info though.. [ semaken hari semaken inferior membaca entry2 incek osh yg sungguh professional photog skalik.. saya ini sungguhlah pencacai tangkap gamba kampung sahaja ]

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