Cuti-cuti Malaysia : Langkawi : part 1 – kereta sewa langkawi

**Update : I’ve added car rental contact number in comment section. You ask for it, you got it :). Untuk sesiapa yang mencari kereta sewa di langkawi, sila refer ruangan comment ok**

Pulau Langkawi, it’s been 17 years since my la

st visit. We decided to have a short break just to relax and have a quality time together. We’ve planned this since early 2008 but to be honest i can only said ‘Yes we’re going’ at the 11th hour. Finally i manage to finish all my work/task on time and im off to Langkawi :).
We departed from LCCT around 12:30, We didn’t bought the priority boarding but my wife has a cool technique to get us almost in front of a queue. During check-in, Pak Arab infront of me need to pay extra RM160 ringgit because he exceed the weight limit by 16kg. RM10 for every extra kilo? Wow.. that’s a lot. Guess AirAsia now has a new source of income. My wife took my son to ‘berebut’ / fight for best seat, while i packed the stroller and carry all the hand luggage. Flight takeoff and along the flight, Aaqil admiring the plane engine and wing, he actually spent most of the time watching outside.
hahaha… scratch and win USD 1 million… now everyone can be a millionaire.


We arrived at Langkawi International Airport around 1.30 PM.After some negotiation with car rental dealer, i manage to secure a mazda3 for RM200 (for three day – 2 night use). I think it’s a good deal since wira will cost you RM80/day during weekend. The dealer also offers us a Sentra for RM180/3 day. Sentra takmo lah… old model :P.

** Update : I’ve added car rental contact number in comment section. You ask for it, you got it :). Untuk sesiapa yang mencari kereta sewa di langkawi, sila refer ruangan comment ok.

mazda3 **wink wink**

My wife grab the free map available around the airport and off we go to the hotel. I won’t talk about hotel here — I will write a dedicated entry for Casa Del Mar. I heard about this hotel from tripAdvisor site, which i think a reliable source for traveling information. It’s the best hotel with a realistic price tag (cheaper than Datai, Westin and Tanjung Rhu). OK back to the story, After taking a short break, we quickly make our way to Kuah town. Yes, we do the shopping as soon as we arrive because coming Saturday is super peak season and it’s difficult to bargain during then.

After stocking up some cigarettes, chocolates and others, we head to Langkawi Bird Paradise wildlife park @ Jalan Air Hangat


Located just 10-minute drive from Kuah. The park claimed they have hundreds of the planet’s rarest and most beautiful feathered creature ready to greet visitors but I highly doubt that. It’s off peak season and the park is empty. It’s like visiting private park, no crowded and all bird like giving full attention to you.

feeding parrots with ground nut


shot of the day, both my wife and parrot stop the feeding session and posing up for the camera… hahaha…

Aaqil also feeding the flamingoes.

watching a squirrel with curious…

and as expected, next he’s trying to interact with the squirrel…

next, we feed the ‘serindit’s. This bird very shy at first but later will swarm you after they feel safe.

peacock, it’s great to have lens that capable of reaching 200mm 🙂

mama and aaqil feeding the peacock, oh no.. notice that aaqil is putting some of the groundnut into his mouth..

>white bellied sea eagle

we’re done for today, time to go back to hotel and ready for dinner
Some of the Langkawi Bird Paradise wildlife park information

Opening Hours
Open daily from 9.00 am until 6.00 pm and last entrance is at 6.00 pm.
Park will close for visitors at the latest by 7.00 pm.

Admission (Published Rate)
Adult (13 year old and above)RM 18.00
Children (3 to 12 year old)RM 10.00
Children 3 year old & below are Free of charge

We have our dinner at Orkid Ria @ Pantai Cenang. The food is good – the price is a bit on high side. But IMHO it’s value to your money. Aaqil not in a good mood during dinner and im too lazy to carry extra weight so no picture taken during dinner.

part 2 coming soon!….. Please also check the rest of the images in the gallery

44 thought on “Cuti-cuti Malaysia : Langkawi : part 1 – kereta sewa langkawi”

  1. fiziskandarz

    [ fiziskandarz writes a huge, bold, underlined red-inked note “must visit langkawi” in their travelling diary after reading this entry ]. anways nice pix osh.. guess that the lense really pay off well huh..

  2. fadzlizuka Post author

    a lot of people asking about rental car contact number, so here is it :
    (Che Mat) – 0124557977 or 0124807797

    Important : my car rental rate is off peak season charge, so it’s very hard to get that rate during weekend or public holiday. I also went there before petrol hike, so not sure bout the price now.

    Deposit also needed. Try to bargain to reduce the deposit 🙂

  3. huda

    tumpang tanye,

    car rental co ni ade kaunter dlm airport ke? ade permit x?

    planning to visit Langkawi with the whole family this November.

    thank you.

  4. fadzli ahmad

    salam.. nk tanya… nama company ape? betul2 dlm airport langkawi kn? cmne nk hubungi encik? bln may 2011 ni sy nk pergi langkawi..

  5. Sue

    Thnx 4 the info.. Da pegi bln 3, tp tak puas lak. Lagipun tak jumpa kedai mkn yg sedap..Lagi la tak puas ati..!Bln 10 pegi balik bersama hubby dan anak2…Nk tau apa nama company keta sewa tu..Tima kasih

  6. zainal

    salam bro.

    i’m not your follower. but, coincidentally while surfing for rental car in langkawi, i’ve spotted your blog.
    planning to have a holiday there next february.just make an early preparation.
    i’ve just called the number you posted. thank god man, alhamdulillah. the rate really damn cheaper than the others.
    i got serena @ 130/day for 5 days. and vios @ 80/day for 5 days.
    otherewise maybe i have to pay plenty more instead of paying lesser like this one.
    i’ll keep surfing if a can get more cheaper than this damn cheaper. heheh.

    thanks bro.

  7. fadzlizuka Post author

    @nooraznida : saya tak pasti, kena call number. refer comment #2
    @Azimah : Yes azimah, he’s generous and sounds truthfull – last time i check which is two years ago,
    @Fadzil : Kalau cuti sekolah + weekend, itu memang super peak season. mana2 pun sama.. kalau hotel siap ada surcharge.
    @zainal : glad that i can sort of help. just sharing information 🙂

  8. Merpati

    Ok TQ Fadzli… dh dpt contact diorg melalui no 0124807797. Ni info harga harini utk 6-10April 2012 : Sentra, Latio, Vios RM90. H.City RM100. Altis RM120. Xrail RM150. Vwagon RM180. Viva RM70. Yaris RM100. Rate utk 24 jam…

  9. Awie

    br call tanya guna nombor atas, musim cuti sekolah bulan 6 nanti 3hr2m package utk keta Vios&Sentra RM240, City rm260, Altis rm360…. Forte & Mazda3 xde….

  10. Mie

    kalo hotel.. ikut xperience saya.. try booed kat web… kat situ dapat rate yg murah2.. lagipun booked pun xyah bayar dulu.. sampai sana nnt baru bawak printout booked tu.. dan bayar… mmg ok sgt…

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