Cuti-cuti Malaysia : Langkawi : part 2

Langkawi Cable Car

Langkawi cable car covers a total distance of 2.2 km linking the Base Station at the foothill of Machinchang (the original name is Mat Cincang – i have no idea why they westernize the name.. crap) to the overruling height of the Top Station which gives a commanding views of Langkawi from the western sea cost. DOnt get confuse between cable car and Geo-Park, you ride a cable car from Langkawi Geo-Park. Unfortunately the weather is not that great and it’s hazy up there.

004 cable car.jpg

Langkawi Geo-Park (stitching 4 pictures to capture the panoramic view of this place)

For someone looking for adventurous ride, there is a 2.5 km trek linking Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) to the Middle & top Stations… 015 telaga tujuh.jpgThere’s many species of flora from lowland to highland types and see numerous geological features along the route. Sounds good, but not for family with small kid(s) like us. Maybe somewhere in the future we’ll venture this type of activities.

we’re very disappointed to realize that the cable car has been temporarily closed due to the bad weather. It’s terrible since this is one of the many reasons we choose Langkawi over other places. Luckily the ticket counter lady said it might be open if the weather getting well… she provide us a phone number and ask us to go elsewhere first and give them a call before coming. Those who are planning to visit this cable car, take a brochure, map or jot this number down :- 604-959 4225 give them a call before coming.

Disappointed with what happen but satisfied with the lady idea, we drive few km from Langkawi Geo-Park to Telaga Harbor. We heard chedet have a ‘kedai roti’ here named the loaf. Lets pay them a visit.

The Loaf @ Langkawi

008 the loaf.jpg

This Bakery own by chedet, Tun Dr Mahathir our ex-prime minister. We, Kedahan used to call him chedet since he’s a Doctor in Maha clinic.

from the official site :

There are nearly 60 kinds of bread you can choose from traditional style to creative and out of this world breads. For example, our rich and crispy Croissant uses the highest quality of Belgian butter, and Galette Coco Chocolat has a lot of chocolate and coconut flakes in brioche dough. Both are highly recommended by Tun Dr. Mahathir.

The Loaf is open: Monday ~ Sunday except Thursay from 8:00am ~ 11:00pm
phone: 04-9594866

it’s sunyi sepi when we reach telaga harbor park. I love off peak season.
The bakery setup is very clean and nice and it has a nice scenery. Im having three types of pastries and a blueberry cheesecake. According to them this is one of the favorite, coconut based pastries.

some of the photo taken, we try to kill some time and hopefully the cable car will be open later.

009 the loaf.jpg

012 the loaf langkawi cheese cake.jpg
blue berry treasures cheesecake

013 the loaf langkawi.jpg
wide variety of cheesecakes

014 the loaf.jpg
nyum nyum nyum…

Another panoramic shot, this time a Telaga Harbor from the Loaf side.


We decided to call the cable car company, good news! they’re operating now. We’re back to Langkawi Geo-Park to ride the cable car.

Langkawi Cable Car (again)

016 overview o langkawi.jpg

017 cable car.jpg

018 mat chinchang.jpg
at the middle station of gunung mat cincang

021 cable car.jpg

022 telaga tujuh.jpg

telaga tujuh, view from cable car.

Ooops.. i think i posted to many pictures. OK will stop here. Continue with Underwater world and Aaqil playing kat swimming pool / pantai cenang in the next post.

the rest of the image is here,

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