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OK i’d like to talk about Casa Del Mar, the place i stay while in Langkawi.


I heard this hotel from, a portal where people giving their opinion on hotel and places around the world. This hotel scored the highest rating for Langkawi island. Located in Pantai Cenang – a 10 minute drive from the Airport.

Pantai Cenang, Langkawi.

Casa Del Mar has about 30 plus room. Yes only 30+ room so this hotel can accomodate at most 80 people at one time. For me this is good since overcrowded is never an issue here. We stayed in room 304, a Sea Front view room that cost us $620 per night.

I realized the popularity of this hotel hence i booked 3 month earlier. Sea Front view room is nice with a door and a sliding door that will lead to a private terrace. I cant see any local malaysian while staying there. Maybe the tourist make a long stay and no room for local.

The check-in is nice,fast and prompt. I don’t feel like checking in at all. Just a chit chat with receptionist, filling some form while having your welcome drink. 035i-langkawi day1.jpg

welcome drink
035h-langkawi day1.jpg

After like 10 minutes the room is ready. The hotel staff will guide you to your room and explain almost everything from hotel facilities,library,how to borrow a dvd, food and beverages and everything inside your room.
035f-langkawi day1.jpg
Fresh orchid and scented fragrances make the room livelier. Bathroom is spacious enough. The shower is super cool and big. The way shower should be, not like normal shower where the water is like ‘segan nak keluar’. This shower is a real blast.
035d-langkawi day1.jpg035c-langkawi day1.jpg

Dining room, breakfast experience.

Breakfast is a buffet but you have to order your main dish. It make sense for me since the number of guest is not that many, they can individually prepare the food for you. The taste is great to my liking and the presentation is nice as far as breakfast are concern. lol. they have wide selection of food.


im having an Eggs Benedict w. Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Spinach & Hollandaise on day one and Fried Rice w. Seafood, Chicken, Vegetables & Fried Egg on day two. Coffee, tea and fresh orange is available. The staff is very patient and i think can read your mind. lol.. it’s true, when my son messing up with the coffee pot and pouring it all over the table, as i about to ask for table replacement, the offered me one! When i ask a straw to let my son drink some of my freshly squizzed orange juice, they came up with a straw and a half full glass of juice. that’s a brilliant touch. it’s minor thing but that’s what keeping this place the best – attention to the detail.

035b-langkawi day1.jpg
035-langkawi day1.jpg

My son enjoy the pool very much. Size is not like Hard Rock Hotel Bali – smaller, lol much3 smaller.
Water is warm and clean. Ample of rest chair around the pool and seaside. Pantai Cenang has a White sandy beach and they clean their part of beach everyday.

Sea water is not that clean, clear.. maybe i come during a wrong season or maybe langkawi has changed a lot since i last visited (Teluk Burau).

Service is excellent and definitely value for money.

I like to recommend this hotel for an amazing honeymoon, a romantic getaway, people with disabilities, Older travelers.

however I do not recommend this hotel for families with young children,teenagers.

No playground, no games room, no kids activity room, no gym (i think), no baby sitting service (i think 2). If your kids already demand and looking for this facilities, The nearest Pelangi Beach resort might suit your family better. My son didnt demand, he’s only year and a half 😛

Please enjoy the pictures taken, i tried a night landscape with my new tripod and some panorama + photo stitching. I think the picture turn out quite nice. The tripod didnt dissapoint me. Some of the shot was taken with like 30 seconds exposure and the image still turn out nice and sharp.

the rest of image is available here:

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