amfphp service browser issue.. not solved!

few days ago i’ve posted a possible solution for my verboseException cannot modify header issue. I’ve tried it but it seems like it still giving me the same error 🙁

i’ve tried to resave as DOS or UNIX ASCII but it still didnt work. i use dreamweaver, textEdit textWrangler and UltraEdit all still giving me the same error.

but when i test it in firefox, firebug is giving me the following output response :-

<title>406 Not Acceptable</title>
<h1>Not Acceptable</h1>
<p>An appropriate representation of the requested resource /flashservice19beta/gateway.php could not
be found on this server.</p>….

this is time consuming 🙁  i’ll move to a simpler gallery if it still fail next week.
is my mod_security is in effect? do i need to adjust .htaccess file? help….

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