new header image and photo gallery section

i’ve update my header, i think the font look ugly without some shadow and color.
and i also have created new pages called my gallery. from now every gallery created from nextgen plugin will render a new photogallery in my minishowcase gallery.

new header and pages

thanks to zeffry for the coding tips and analysis.

thanks to victor for the minishowcase gallery. it’s wonderful light and easy. 

feel free to comment the look and feel, ill try my best to improve the gallery.



*** zeffry has logged a bug report for navigation – fixed
*** ady helped me on css, it look cooler now i think
*** rizal helped with css issue in IE… thanks all 🙂

13 thought on “new header image and photo gallery section”

  1. theorix

    Hotfix needed.

    1. Description and specific steps required to reproduce the issue.
    Click any post/title to go in detail.
    Within it click gallery link.

    2. Attach screen shots

    3. Time issue was identified

    4. Specific URL and page the issue is showing up on

    5. Account username and password used to identify the issue

    6. Operating System, RAM, Internet browser and version used to identify the problem
    Window 2000, IE 6

    7. Have you performed all troubleshooting steps? Which steps have you performed? (for example, clearing cache, deleting cookies, etc)

    8. Is the user unable to accomplish their goal?* (This will be used to assist in determining the severity of the issue)\

    9. Are you able to reproduce this issue using a different account? Account username and password used to reproduce the issue.


  2. fadzlizuka Post author

    it has cache folder, which will stored a viewed images. i spend quite sometime to remove that cache folder from the listing. im not good with web based programming lol..

  3. mizie aka kasai

    hi fadzli aka os.. ni aku laa kasai.. wooo nice blog u have. ko pun minta photography yek.. same as me..

    actually aku nak tanya sikit pasal gallery ko. interesting laa.. tapi kena save picture dalam server ke? ke camne? aku just setup company with my friends for our photography job. currently wanna create our own site, but now we just stick with blogspot first. we wanna create gallery browser as yours, but frankly speaking,i have noooo idea at all.

    hope u might give some hand… thanks…

  4. fadzlizuka Post author

    off course i know kasai aka mijon, yep you need to save the file in the server. try to download the minishowcase and deploy it in your local. it really fast, clean and simple. just create a new folder in minishowchase galleries folder and the rest is complete 🙂

  5. Rizal

    tapi kalau nak bagi user boleh pilih theme dlm minishowcase (default / dark / blue) itu kena panggil encik … poning kopalo den hahahaha! wa caya lu ady.

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