of prague, budapest, vienna, bratislava and frankfurt

I dedicate this entry to my friend zaki iskandar (allergyc) for his marvelous pics and story telling covering prague, budapest, vienna, bratislava and frankfurt. He’s the one who teach me motion tweening – fundamental for flash design and some basic photoshop, back in my uni time 🙂 If you plan to visit one of these locations, consider visiting his fps to get tonnes of fresh perspective (or cliche) ideas 

pictures/descriptions taken directly from their fotopages :), i also modify the width/height to match my blog container. sorry if it doesn’t look good in your browser, but i’ve tried and it look good in safari, firefox 3.01 and opera 9.51

Entry 1 : Prague

Wallenstein Garden stage. The Wallenstein Garden, part of Wallenstein Palace complex, is Italian style baroque garden of Albrecht of Wallenstein.



Entry 2 : Budapest, honestly this is the best series of 5

budapest_v45.jpgShoe statues @ Riverfront. This world-famous composition, which comprises 60 pairs of metal shoes set in concrete on the Danube embankment, was set up in the year 2005. It commemorates the Hungarian Jewish victims of the killings committed by the Arrow Cross militiamen, the pro-German, anti-Semitic, national socialist party members of Hungary in 1944-1945. The killings usually took place en masse – the victims were lined up at the embankment, and shot into the Danube, execution-style.

budapest_p38.jpgThe Budapest view from the Citadell & Gellert Hill. Gellért Hill is Budapest’s most centrally located hill, the favourite of visitors, due to the glorious view of the city from the hilltop. It is named after Bishop Gellért, who was killed by rebellious Hungarians in 1046 who opposed Christianity. His statue, facing Elizabeth Bridge, was erected in 1904.

Entry 3: Bratislava

Paparazzi. At the entrance of famous “Paparazzi” restaurant.

Hlavne Namesti/Main Square. The city centre surrounded by attractions such as the Old Town Hall, palaces and Slovak National Theatre


Entry 4 : Vienna

vienna_015.jpgPestsäule Statue at Graben 
Graben is one of the most famous streets in Vienna’s first district, the city centre. The Graben now serves as a marketplace and festival site. 
The Pestsäule sculpture/fountain was constructed by Emperor Leopold I following the Great Plague of Vienna.

vienna_043.jpgKarlskirche (St. Charles Cathedral). One of the most outstanding baroque church structures north of the Alps and boasts a dome in the form of an elongated ellipsoid.

Entry 5 : Frankfurt

Frankfurt riverfront


Frankfurt’s skyscrappers

If you want to see more, please browse his fotopages entries

or if prefer to view in minishowcase super duper slick gallery 😀 click HERE

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