a place to call home

i was cautious few days ago to anounce this but since we already signed a S&P, it confirmed now 🙂

We finally have a place to call home, it’s still under construction but already at 80% completion. Place called Bandar Nusaputra. When the interchange completed – exit next to Elite Putrajaya exit, it would take 4 minutes for me to reach office. At the moment people living there need to use either LDP or Pulau Meranti which take approximately 15-20 minutes there.

OK this will motivate me to work even harder: newborn baby and new house. I personally believe this house is what we call in bahasa malaysia ‘rezeki anak’, we get to phone call to inform the loan was approved 15 minutes before my wife give birth to our daughter (omg, i like the word daughter 🙂 )

thank you god, thank you for everything.

Some key stat about the house
Project:      Bandar Nusaputra
Location:     Bandar Nusaputra – Puchong – Selangor
Type:     Terrace House
Storeys:     2
Bedrooms:     4
Bathrooms:     4
Built Up:     3320 sq.ft onwards
Land Area:     22 ft x 90 ft


I’ve snapped some pictures, it’s not my real unit, it’s a showroom house. you can check the rest in my gallery section

23 thought on “a place to call home”

  1. irwan.dahnil

    Hi Fadzli,

    I’ve put in my earnest deposit to buy B-31 unit @ No 20 if I’m not mistaken. Yet to sign s&P.

    I googling around to find more about Idaman unit on the Net. Find so much negative respond bout this Nusaputra project i.e the finishing @ quality, the ex mining land etc…

    Hope to have a chat wit u on YM later. Just need some second opinion b4 any decide to give up, or to sign up!


  2. fadzlizuka Post author

    Hi irwan, welcome…. glad if you can share your sources 🙂

    regarding ex-mining land :- someone has checked with pejabat tanah and old google map/earth image can confirmed it : – it’s a plantation land not mining land. the land allocate for mining but they didnt use it and it remain as a oil palm plantation.

    build/finishing quality :- heard about finishing quality is a bit under par. but one thing about finishing is that you have 18 month of warranty to request for any defect discovered. build quality – never heard any, hope you can quote your source 🙂

  3. Hasib

    Yup the tanah is not actually x-mining land, tapi either plantation or paya land. the x-mining land you talk about is aman putra. just besides nusaputra.

    Quality wise i dunno… but the prices utk rumah kat sana might go up if the cloverleaf interchange tu siap plus project PKNS kat seberang tu siap.

  4. erin

    Hi i’m new here… just book for Idaman, House no. 20 (B-31). Is it your ex-hse irwan.dahnil? :).. best situ depan tanah lapang… tapi blom submit docs la…loan pun lom approve…

  5. irwan.dahnil

    Hi Erin,

    Glad to heard that u decided to buy that particular property. Yeap, thats the one that I’ve booked before. spacious area in front of that house, so mungkin berangin sedikit. Its good for terrace house to have a open view (you pay more than other normal unit for a reason!)..

    Dengarnya depan tu suppose to be bunglow lot, but tak jadi.. And in front of the gate would be school kalau tak silap..

  6. erin

    yup irwan, there will be a school there, but not sure sek men ke sek ren.. best unit no.20 tuh depan dh mmg terang sbb ada tiang lampu..hehe, if im not mistaken i’ve see you name is badrul hisham as director right, in the sales & performa form.. hehe

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