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i think my blog has become a personal blog (story telling) rather than what my tagline suggest (photography for common ahmads and aminahs)..

im thinking of new tagline that suit the content better, but so far i have no idea what tagline to put. Idea is very much appreciated 🙂

10 thought on “blog tagline…”

  1. fiziskandarZ

    i’ll be dead to illustrate those images to my brush gallery myself hohoho.. i bought several clip art cds last year to help my wedding card map design.. since i cant think of other way to use it rather than leaving the cds keep on collecting dust.. there u can see some of it in my images hohoho..

    anyways, good luck in ur tagline + rebranding ur blog 😉 bilakah masuk umah baru osh?

  2. fadzlizuka Post author

    nzeff, you make me realize that my future kid(s) name need to start with F.
    this is sooo unfair… hehehe…

    F3A .. sounds like a jet fighter to me.. lol! thanks for the idea btw

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