site improvement

i’ve make some changes over the weekend (and just now) to enhance the user experience for this blog 
(LOL.. user experience tu.. it’s a minor thing actually and dont deserve a ‘user experience’ tag)

what’s new?

HelloFlickr! inspired by Hello Dolly (WordPress default plugin), i’ve created my own Hello flickr! plugin, something like flickr did on their website where they greet logged user with random Hello in other language/translation

it’s not that elegant or efficient or anything, but it’s working perfectly fine on my site. (i dont have any php background, so what i can do is take hello dolly as a base and enhance it by guessing / try-and error )

others then lots of my visitor, family and frens complaining my comment didnt work. it work actually but it require a moderation for first time message. From brian threaded comment, i add a simple label to indicate it has been sent successfully and awaiting moderation.hopefully it’ll be clear to all. 

ohh and i also include a new plugin to allow reader to follow comment via email. 🙂

other enhancement is blue and pink box for admin and my lovely wife message, so now if i posted a reply, it will be colored blue, when my wife posted a comment it will be pink-ish colored. i also make some changes to include few css line to ensure it look great across browser. It’s working fine for me, hopefully the following guideline work for other people as well…


(changes made to brianthreadedcomments.php) the affected changes are:-

  • add overflow:auto; to .comment css to combine comment header with it’s content when it reached max nested setting.
  • add overflow-y: hidden; overflow-x: hidden; to .comment css to eliminate x and y axis scrollbar in IE7
  • create new css named in brianthreadedcomments.php :- div.mywifecomment { background-color: #eda3e0; border: solid 2px #cc00cc; } to distinguish between my comment and my wife comment.
  • while in comments.php, i make some changes to the original mycomment tag so that it will differentiate between my email and mywife email
  • <div id=”div-comment-<?php echo $c->comment_ID ?>” class=’comment<?php echo $odd?><?php if ($c->comment_author_email == “”) { ?> mycomment<?php } else if ($c->comment_author_email == “”) { ?> mywifecomment<?php } ?>’>

if you need to understand more of above, please leave a comment : i try my best to explain what i’ve changed.

credit to for helping me out during the implementation 🙂

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