au revoir rizal!

Au revoir to Rizal al mashoor dot com slash blog!
Au revoir = Used to express farewell. [French : au, till the + revoir, seeing again.]

Although it’s sad to see rizal leaving, i congratulate him for getting a better opportunity for himself and his family. You da man! all the best!

Sometime, somewhere in the future i think we need to buat gathering and play music together again ๐Ÿ™‚
Pics taken at Putrajaya Beriani shop, entertained by pakcik who play fantastic music using keyboard.

The Nasi Beriani itself is so-so, OK-lah but i’ve eaten better beriani elsewhere.
034-nasi-king.jpgย ย 

Rizal II hesitate to request berita kepada kawan from the pakcik – otherwise i’ll be singing the song tribute to a friend, no worry – like i said somewhere/sometime in the future we’ll be singing/performing music againย 

if next time i got php + css problem, i will keep on bugging him ok! muahahahahahaa…

here is the link to the gallery, check the rest of the images there ๐Ÿ™‚

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