mission : pasar siti khadijah in 50mm

I had a valuable experience shooting a wedding ceremony last weekend.
A lot of improvement still needed before i can start charging my next customer (second body, extra memory, FV lock, posing instruction, vertical shot, etc..). thanks to Peh for giving me the opportunity to capture your important day.

I will post the wedding picture later, this time i would like to showcase pasar khadijah captured with 50mm lens.


small cake decorated with malaysia flag, since the following week is national day001-national-day.jpg

around the center of market.013-center-stageIII.jpg

the one in the middle (bit like a bloating pancake) is one of kelantan speciality called akok. I’ve been eating them a lot. akok main ingredient is eggs (lot of them), coconut milk and brown sugar. The taste is like eating creme caramel and texture is very soft – despite its decent appearance, lol. Best eaten while it’s hot since you will feel like the akok is melting in your mouth. yummy!003-akok.jpg

first floor shop selling assorted keropok (fish cracker), serunding (meat floss), sweet dodol and cookies016-macam2-ada.jpg

one of my fren would like to buy 50 kilos of serunding,020-serunding.jpg

the shopkeeper : checking the stocks

outside a lot of stall selling veges and fruits. Mata kucing (literally “cat’s eye”)010-mata-kucing.jpg

dokong – classic local fruit. There are many types, the langsat, dokong and duku langsat. This is the Dokong which is larger and comes in bunches. It has a sweet,mildly sappy flesh004-dokong.jpg

ahh a banana..

there’s a lot more, you can view it in my IMAGE GALLERY 🙂

Bottomline: Altough i feel 50mm is a bit tele on DX body, it’s the best way to spend 300 ringgit on photography (i bought this lens second hand). I’d love to have 35mm f/2D next 🙂

oh and D80’s 10.2 megapixel now give me so much room for cropping and resize – which i enjoy very much.

9 thought on “mission : pasar siti khadijah in 50mm”

  1. Ady

    10.2 mega pixel huh? Damn I envy you so much.

    Anyway those picture looks very very very good. You have talent, keep it flowing. Next I must learn from you. I have too many theory in head when it comes to photography but when the moment comes I seem to lost it all.

  2. Abu Qassim

    My point – The best pic is number three. Why? Because its show colourful image object surrounding the makcik. Its looks like taken from pro-photographer. 🙂

    Maybeeee… Start from new year 2009, i will plan to upgrade my body DSLR. Hmm can wait lol…

    Salam Ramadhan to all Fadzli.com viewers..

  3. fadzlizuka Post author

    @Ady : 10.2 MP is great but it siphoned your memory like there is no tomorrow… all this while i thought 2 Gig is ample but now i think 4-8 gig is a must. thanks for the complement. Im also learning most of the time what on my mind didnot translate well into picture. senang citer idea ada, execution tu lemah 😆

    @Abu Qassim : thanks abu, pro? no la me just a newbie. number III is the best? i post process it using manny librodo technique. a bit too sharp and start to halos to my liking but glad that you like it. 🙂 new body? always invest in good lens ok.. if you insist upgrading body, i would suggest D90.. :drooling:

    @Azlan : thanks :), biasa biasa aja.. semua gambar jadi potrait masalahnya. the lens is too tele to take scenery that’s why i believe 26/28mm f/2.8 or 35mm f/2 would be better option for DX body, the focal length is just nice (35mm x 1.5 crop factor = 52.5mm)

  4. abuqassim

    One more thing bro, all posted image is edited image of original image?? – Some of the image shown especially in magazine looks too ‘good’ in color – Just to wanna to know jer –

  5. fadzlizuka Post author

    all of them edited. i should post a non edited version next time to benefit viewer 🙂
    post processing is pretty basic :- cropping, adjusting level, adjusting horizon, some minor saturation and finish it off with sharpening (manny librodo unsharp mask is my fav sharpening technique)

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