pot luck : aidilfitri 2008

Honestly, i think open house is for makcik2, staying with parents or more matured, big family. For people like us, still young (heheh…) we decided to have pot luck instead and eat the food among ourselves.

this year is izzam and lizah turn, we have a great time. thank you for everything Aaqil normally susah nak sharing but he’s being such a good fren with Iman. Nazs and meor, maizara zulaikha blouse is sooo beautiful and she’s such a healthy and cute girl. Heemi and nelly, thanks and Rihanna looks more like her mom.. πŸ˜› It’s good to meet with you guys after a while.

some of the pics taken.

all the mommies.110.jpg

hahhaa daddies

more pictures after the jump….

nana, irfan and lizah…

sulking aaqil, he’s such a conquerer and treating iman, irfan hand chair like his own domain. lol.

alyaa zulfah, Β sekarang tengah musim hisap jari.

iman zahran πŸ™‚

nelly with maizara

there’s more pics in my gallery, please visit it HERE

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