of crumpler and transparent mac screen

inspired by usingmac, i try to create my own transparent mac screen. I think my crumpler bags would be a nice background.

i’ve tried the shot, the result : crappy. you can see my mac screen border all feathered lol.. and my leopard is soo special and dont have a dock and bar. Have mercy, this is my first attempt, will google for some knowledge/tips and try again.


OK, my review on these Crumpler bags.

from left:-

  1. moderateĀ embarrassment – fit my xps book, my wife currently using it. decent bag with generous padding.
  2. six million dollar home – my camera bags, very best in quality and lots of padding. I need to carry more stuff now for shooting assignment, soon ill be upgrading to 7 million dollar home.
  3. the part and parcel – my latest bag, love it very much, lot of compartments with thick padding, the only complain i have is that the Velcro release flap for this bag is damn big, once you open or close this bag, the whole block will hear it.
    possible officemate conversation : “Oh fadzli going back on time today eventhough he came in at 10.40 am, If like that arr… sure he cannot move to other center (Prague)”. “How did you know?” asked Dory. “Oh i heard his velcro flapping at 10.40am and 5pm today”.
  4. Sinking barge – my first crumpler bag, šŸ™‚ it’s bulky but i just dont care and i carry it everyday (commuting KLCC – setiawangsa). This bag serve me well – an instant choice when im travelling since i can carry my laptop and camera. Not as big as customary barge but just nice for my need.
If you happen to search one of these bags, Call this number 03-21621 2160. It’s Crumpler KLCC number.

Do ask them for availability because they keep a limited stocks (i have to wait and call almost 3 month for my part and parcel). They have a store/boutique at KLCC, 3rd floor next to SonyStyle showroom.

7 thought on “of crumpler and transparent mac screen”

  1. Sharon

    I loooovvveeee (love) Crumpler bags!!!!! I just bought a brand new Jimmy Bo for my Nikon D80 in the Amsterdam Crumpler shop. The salesman was very funny. I think The Jimmy Bo is only available in the European Crumpler stores. I got the red one and I use it everyday. GREAT BAG!

  2. fadzlizuka Post author

    sharon, this is first time i heard Jimmy Bo. thanks for sharing
    That back look glorious in red. I want one! i want one! hehe…

    Now if only asia has this bag, i would love to compare it to lowepro inverse 100.
    Looking for beltpack next šŸ™‚

  3. zul

    bro, how much are the part & parcel in KLCC?

    im planning to get either ‘king single’ or ‘part & parcel’, still undecided yet. comparing the price in crumpler KLCC and Machines , which is cheaper?

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