alyaa at 3, aaqil at 22

how time flies, during writing this, my daughter already know to roll over stomach to back, back to stomach. She can kick with some energy and lift her head almost 90 degrees.

00 alyaa02.jpg

and my son even better, he know how to spread leg a.k.a split and even try to mimic those breakdancerin ‘sneaker’ ad. must be careful now with what i said since he’ll copy it and repeat it.


we decided to shave alyaa hair clean, i shaved aaqil head clean too when he was like 5 months old. Last time, aaqil hair grow inconsistently and fall easily. bald here and there. It look not good and that’s why we decided to shave it clean.

footnote : “It is an ancient Islamic tradition to shave a baby’s head, weigh the hair, and then donate the monetary value of that weight in gold to the poor. It certainly won’t hurt him.” Is it true?

answer : Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) made the following as Sunnah for us when we get a new born baby:

  1. To shave clean his/her head seven days after his/her birth, to weigh the hair and give its weight from silver or gold or their money equivalent as alms.
  2. To slaughter a sheep for the girl and two sheep for the boy.
  3. To give him/her a good and nice name. Ashab al-Sunan (Abu Dawood, al-Nasa‘i, Ibn Majah, al-Tirmizi) narrated from Samura (ra) he said: Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Every new born is mortgaged to his/her Aqiqah, it should be slaughtered on behalf of him/her on his/her seventh day. He should be given a name on that same day and his head clean shaved”. 

A sound Hadith. Allah knows best.

Shave and giving her good name is completed, next is aqiqah. The rest of their picture is in my gallery.

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