apple online store is now in malaysia

well well well… it’s finally here.

so if you want a personal engraved version of ipod, now you can have it. ๐Ÿ™‚

my early observation, price wise, i think it’s cheaper than most of the authorized reseller store. mac related stuff is not that many though, i believe they will add more item slowly.ย 

pay them a visit atย


im impressed. they even allow you to configure your macbook something like dell (able to achieve 10 years ago). Shipping is free for macbook pro.(free if more than RM250 – well obviously macbook gonna cost you 20 times of that amount). Good start i’d say. Now not all macbook in malaysia is the same anymore. lol.


i also notice they’ll be special discount for college and university student in registered public/private institution in Malaysia – but didnt notice any changes in price though.. maybe soon..

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