UPDATE : crumpler and nikon bag — SOLD!

i Want To Sell the following item(s):-
1. Crumpler 6 million dollar home.SOLD to a UM student.
2. Nikon anniversary shoulder bag.SOLD to a nice dude from Kelana Jaya,

Package includes: 
The bag itself

1- Crumpler 6 million dollar home – RM250
2- Nikon anniversary shoulder bag – RM60

Warranty: none

Dealing method: COD. 

Location of seller: Klang

Contact method/details: leave a comment or email me, info[at]fadzli.com

Age / condition of item:
1. 1 year plus, but it’s crumpler quality and look like new.
2. Brand New

Reason selling it: It’s redundant to have 6 million and 7 million dollar home. no? :p

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