klang oh klang

i took these pictures while traveling with DTS bus from Klang to Cyberjaya.



many people didnt know about this dedicated transportation system (DTS) which i think part of government initiative to make Cyberjaya a viable working location option for folks living in outskirts area (such as Banting, Bangi, Seremban, Klang and Gombak).

Its a dedicated system meaning that there’s no bell pushing, i want to stop here and there randomly. The have a specific pickup and drop point.

dedicated also means seat is enough for everyone, no way you need to stand from Seremban to Cyberjaya. If the route has more passenger than the bus can accommodate, they will prepare another bus. 

Take Klang/Shah Alam route for example, normally Bus from/to Klang will pickup passenger from Shah Alam. But in certain popular hour (like 8am and 6pm), they’ll be two busses – one to shah alam and another one to Klang.

I didnt mention before – but the busses departed on hourly basis, one per hour (except special case which i describe above). If it happen that you work in weird hour (going back late, release day till 3am) you need to call the command center and they will let you know whether there’s a bus that you can take at that timeframe.

I’ve been using this service for 2 months, and it cost me 213 ringgit per month. That is dirt cheap, considering what i pay previously when im driving to office. (toll alone cost me RM9.80 per day x 20 working day). I like it and i think i will use it until early next year (when my home completed) 🙂

Here’s some of the picture taken while on my way to office, im experimenting with AFS-C for the bikes pic. 07-traffic-klang.jpgit means it will keep on focusing while the subject moves, it will stay focusing even when the shutter was half pressed. i think D80 did well on hunting the bikes. the picture can be considered as sharp as far as im concern.


footnote : i hate JKR, i pity Klang folks and all the traffic officer. The traffic is horrible during rush hour. every day. until at least December 2009. I know it’s inevitable the work need to be done.. but it’s just pain that i just have to blog about it.

before this mess, it took me max 1 hour to reach office from Klang. Now almost 1.5 and if im unlucky, 2 hour. Situation is much better during school holiday, as usual.


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  1. fadzlizuka Post author

    Hi Alan, unfortunately no…
    they only have the following 7 routes:-

    701 – CBJ -> IOI Mall Puchong -> Bukit Jalil -> KL Sentral
    702 – CBJ -> KTM serdang -> Bdr Tasik Selatan -> Ampang Point -> LRT Gombak
    703 – CBJ -> Putrajaya -> Kajang -> BB Bangi
    704 – CBJ -> Summit USJ – Kelana Jaya -> OUtama -> Kepong
    705 – CBJ -> Shah Alam -> Klang
    706 – CBJ -> Dengkil -> Banting

  2. pza

    Hi. Nk tny boleh?
    Bas DTS ni mmg 100% tepat pada masanya x..? u rase better i gune DTS service or cari umah sewa je kat Putrajaya and use RapidKL.. I mean from cost effective mana yg better? Ulang alik dari kajang/Gombak atau duk umah sewa kt putrajaya.. hope u can give some opinion.. Nak tahu jgk kot2 cost makan minum mahal kat putrajaya n cyberjaya.
    Oh ye, kalau 1 tiket bas rapid KL boleh gune kat basbRapidkl yg berbeza ke? RM1 ke RM 2 eh?

    Sori tny banyak sbb baru nk mula kerja di cyberjaya
    Thanks sudi jawab 🙂

  3. fadzlizuka Post author

    1. Tepat pada masanya. jgn 1 minit lambat, nanti kena tinggal.
    2. Putrajaya and RapidKL.The usual rapidKL will not be as punctual as DTS rapidKL.
    3. DTS rapidKL bayar bulanan. permonth RM213, unlimited ride, 24hours/7days – bus services is per hour to 7 destination.

  4. Christine Sum

    Hi, im currently having a dilemma in spending money on public transport as my friend and I would like to stay together near KTM serdang and I am planning to go to multimedia university from there and i see that cyberjaya dts is a good option of transport but paying RM280 a month for me is a little too expensive as I may not have classes everyday, can the fare be paid like for the times i go on the bus instead? or is there a cheaper and better option, i need guidance

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