Why your wife wants you to get a new camera

Sound weird? To all photographer out there, go on and read this useful article. The tips provided work like a charm for me. 😀 – i secured my 18-200mm, SB600 and 35mm deal after i follow what been told in the article.

Taken from Kenrockwell, one of my favorite blog.

some excerpt:


Actually she doesn’t. She doesn’t know the difference between a 9/16″ open-end wrench and your camera, but she does care deeply about getting great memories of her kids.

I don’t know anything about women, but from what little I do know, women LOVE kids and family. That, and shopping, are about it. This is our key to the camera kingdom.

go on and read the rest of the article HERE 🙂 and dont let your wife know about this.

14 thought on “Why your wife wants you to get a new camera”

  1. Ady Romantika

    “Dont let your wife know about this” – This is only useful for guys whose wife does not read your blog. Haha.

    Anyway my problem is that I am gonna be a father I want to save my money. My wife is not a problem she let me buy anything! 😉

  2. fadzlizuka Post author

    self control – ability to exert of one’s own will on one’s personal self – their behaviors, actions, thought processes. i like it Ady. normally im good at it but NAS (nikon acquisition syndrome) poison is too much and my body, mind cannot control.

    blame the D-eighties.. this camera body allow me to put magnificent lens on them. To those D40,D40x,D60-er, caveat emptor.

  3. fadzlizuka Post author

    anilezfa : since you both tech-savvy.. you can apply the tips and the effect will be doubled. Cost will be doubled as well lol
    nazham : applied to all stuffs not only camera. just find a good reason that will bring those affectionate feeling from inside. Once it’s there, Bingo.”darling, go on and buy it.”

  4. abuqassim

    Nice tip from kenrockwell. I better negotiate with my wife before i can buy. Penuh dgn kejujuran dan harapan. Doa byk2 insyaallah lembut la hati isteri anda untuk kita enjoys beli lens lagi.. Hehehe.. Peace..

    Sama mcm fadzli, next lens next year..heheh almost next year dah nie… 🙂

  5. MQ

    If you can find the resources and have the money to buy, go on and enjoy your money..after all we only can savour such things at certain age, after some time it will no longer brings satisfaction and joy..my motto in life duit bukan buleh bawak masuk kubur, saving byk2 pon dah mati, org lain yg enjoy2 duit tu..hahaha..

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