ijan’s wedding and ex-IBS gathering

Date : 16.11.2008
Place : Kampung Morten, Along Malacca river, Malacca.

We spend our Sunday in Malacca to attend Ijan’s wedding at Kampung Morten, Malacca. The place is called kampung but in reality it actually located in the heart of malacca town along malacca river. 

Very glad to meet all of my previous office staff. Kudos to Mr Khairul for developing a lot of talented Programmer, Project Manager, Developer and everything in between.

Some of attendees:
IBS – Abu Qassim, Shida, Khairul (MD), Azni (GM), Faiz, Zul batang, Sufian, Firdaus
ex-IBS – Apoi, Chip, Ajoi, Fadzli, Nana, Inajane, Hafiz, Firus, Supat,Yuniza

Aaqil and alyaa inherit their mom habit while travelling – sleeping..


the ‘pengantin baru’

the bakal pengantin baru, apoi n partner and firus :), ill be covering their (apoi n partner) event soon…

chip, ijan, abuqassim and ijan.

see the rest of exciting images in my gallery 🙂


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