not another 35mm f/2D entry…

motive of this entry? to show off my 35mm f/2D …. hahaahhaaa… no just kidding.

im curious bout this lens.. i somehow feel it has these 2 negative characteristic : falloff and back-focus issue.

UPDATE : nope, my lens didnt have both. 🙂 good news. I’ll tell you how it test it in later entry. ughh some nice quote that appreciated by photographer around the world.

Photography is one of the few hobby where people can’t help but asking ” marvelous picture, what camera/lens did you use? “. I’ve never been to a restaurant and ask what cooking utensils the chef has when I like the food….

Now, initiating a poisoning session, 
1. testing note, Allentown PA is my favorite 🙂03-na35mme.jpg

2. Yes, subject eye is blur. Im focusing on the E letter (of the wall-e letter)

3. fridge magnet and soveinour, gift from office mates.

4. so if you still cannot decide between sigma 30mm and nikon 35mm f/2D, hope you get some idea of what this lens capable off..


2 thought on “not another 35mm f/2D entry…”

  1. yanaAmran

    didnt get it.
    which one more better??
    on my way searching for dslr..
    u lagi banyak pengalaman …
    much more better..
    alang2 tanya kat sini lah…
    is it ok for me to take d90?? beginner in this..
    thought of having own dslr..n make this hobby as part time work??

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