Fig and Olive and one good lunch experience

We had a good lunch experience last weekend @ Fig & Olive Sunway Pyramid. Everything is perfect from food, ambience and services.

Fig & Olive is an upscale, cafe and bistro serving food items representing a blend of Mediterranean origins. It’s italian but having some sense of african/middle east. The only way i could imagine this food genre exist maybe, during then Italy is a conquering country and having Italian mix with local mediterranean cuicine causing the food to be mix as well.

The have numerous healthy, nutritious and delicious meals. Truly and electric mix, Fig & Olive leads with dishes like sweet and savoury soups, cold & hot sandwiches, exquisite pastas, fresh salad and wholesome chicken prepared for you just the way you like it. Rice or Pasta is always an option for each dish.

The shop located at marrakesh street, next to Tarbush. it’s a bit hidden pathway.

Location : Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Address : LG2-122a lower ground 2,
Marrakesh street,
Sunway Pyramid (new wing),
46150 Petaling Jaya.

Contact :  03 7492 0955

Web :

im having chicken pesto carbonara… delicious!

my wife is having grill dory mushroom

bullwinkle chocolate and vanilla milk

and the delicious brownie divine as our pencuci mulut..

see the rest of the images in my gallery 🙂

Here is my rating from the visit:-

  1. Food flavor / taste : 5 stars – much to our liking, the flavor suit us well…
  2. Quantity / Size of serving : 5 stars – im having the chicken pesto carbonara, the portion is enough for me and aaqil
  3. Variety / Choice of Menu items : 3 stars – not too much choice.
  4. Speed / Efficiency of Service : 5 stars – the cafe is empty, should explain why the speed is lightning fast
  5. Courtesy of service staff : 4 stars – i like the service staff, i think she’s indonesian worker, speak decent english too..
  6. Ambience : 5 stars – cafe is empty.. i like it, feel so peaceful
  7. Physical Environment : 5 stars
  8. Price : 4 stars – perfectly place, cheaper than my average Tony Roma or chilis outing
  9. Dining Experience : 5 stars – 🙂
    TOTAL : 4.5 stars

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