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it’s been a boring journey from Klang – Cyberjaya – Klang. In total i spend almost 3 hours per day on bus doing nothing. Since last 3-4 weeks, i’ve started my own mini project, to get familiar with css and php and come with my own theme.

the progress is very slow during the beginning, but towards the end is very fast. Now task consider complete.

thank you to ady and zeff for guiding with css and php. The Eclipse and Aptana really helpful. 

The theme was Inspired by : The Unstandard theme by Derek Punsalan and i mix it with my existing Freicurv 2.0 theme by flisterz . I also get some fresh idea from flisterz site (on alpha and mouseover thingy).


Im not good at inventing something new.. this is not my invention, im just modify something which already exists to match my taste :). Still lots of refactoring, clean up need to be done. Oh, and i dont recommend this theme to anyone (yet).. it has many shortcoming that need blog writer intervention.

Hope you guys like it.

p/s : there’s a bug when posting is too short, it will render the text container shorter than the sidebar, try to play with min-height property but the comment box got isolated.

p/s2 : tested in safari and ff3, it look ok in IE7 and chrome. opera? look horrible but im not gonna fix it.

7 thought on “new theme”

  1. nazham

    Just my two cents:
    1. There’s a small white border at the comment count bubble, when you mouse-over the boxes.
    2. The description box (with the black/gray background) is not even when the description is too long. See “why your wife wants you to get a new camera” and the one next to it, “i’ve been very busy”.
    3. The description box text color is not very contra with the black/grayish background. I like the one in the “The unstandard” theme.
    4. Somehow I like the font type in “the unstandard”.
    5. This one maybe not related to theme, but it has been a while…. why there’s two checkbox “Subscribe to comments via email” and “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” when someone want’s to subscribe comments via email? Doesn’t mean the same thing, or maybe I misunderstood.

    Sorry for the looong suggestion. Other than that, the new theme looks realllyyy AWESOME!! Congrats . 🙂

  2. Ady Romantika

    Hooray! I like the rounded fonts better as it looks less formal.

    By the way I suggest you fill up the bottom part of the front page by adding the number of listed posts. It’s such as waste of space.

  3. fadzlizuka Post author

    thank you very much for your input, much appreciated 🙂

    1. to make the comment bubble transparent, i have to strip the border, been trying but i cannot make it better. will try later.
    2. This is what will happen when i wrote a long blog title. so it’s by design 😉
    3. i’ve added the opacity by extra 0.1 point check it out 🙂
    4. the unstandard is using Arial, not a big fan of the little mermaid, i opt to tahoma 🙂
    5. that still confuse me, i heard one of the checkbox enable you to subscribe even without commenting, but it look very confuse.

  4. fadzlizuka Post author

    yeah. verdana look too roudish, i like calibri but dont think most people have it so i opt for tahoma.

    bottom part… can i put ad? or maybe put ad before recent entries so that all will be shifted and fill the below space. will definitely look to improve it.

    thanks for you input ady 🙂

  5. Rizal

    Sorry I’m a bit late with my comment, been busy. At first I was confused as the layout isn’t like that of a conventional blog. But now that I’m used to it, I like it a lot. It really suits your photoblog theme. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words … so I guess the interesting challenge for you is to have a photo for each entry that accurately captures its essence.

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