happy 2nd birthday son

Nothing fancy, nothing smart, just the good ‘ol birthday party.

Happy birthday to my genius son, aaqil farhan. Now he’s a big boy that i need to pay for his air ticket whenever i travel. It doesnt matter son, grow up wise and be my buddy.

Pictures after the jump 🙂


It’s a last minute plan, ‘berat mulut’ to call it birthday party since it’s just a makan makan event plus a birthday cake – no theme. since all the relatives already at klang, my wife decided to cook laksa + some pulut kuning and invite nearest neighbor. A last minute invitation was made to kak ina and azlan yesterday, we’re glad they can make it. Thank you for joining the party.



p/s : Ina & Lan, Thanks for the Interaction wall-E, Aaqil really love it.He actually has had past encounter with the toy last 3 month, spend like 20 minutes trying the toys in Robinson – his dad decide to buy the miniature one (which he didnt like and end up in dad’s office table) and now the wall-e is in his arm.. Sleeping with toy gituss. Thank you again!

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4 thought on “happy 2nd birthday son”

  1. nanako Post author

    happy 2nd birthday aaqil…
    hope that u grow in a pink of health n be a good son..
    mama, abah n adik alyaa will always love u 😉

    lan n k.ina… thanx for coming n the pressie too!! he really love it…

  2. azlan

    Don’t thanks to me but to your sister…shes the one go and find the present with echerk..i’m just carried it only….anyway..happy birthday aaqil..you grow up so fast 🙂

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