air asia oh air asia

normally i do transaction online. Check schedule, make payment,reservation, cancelation and etc. I didnt visit citibank @ jalan ampang to make credit payment for like 2 years. Same goes to Air asia, i never walk to their sale office or call them to deal any business but in this case im in Tamparuli where internet is not available. So i have to call them to make some confirmation to my reservation.

I try and give-up many times before this but this time i have no option but to wait.

Some background : prior to this day, my sister has changed my flight date online (i try call them to change schedule but i give up after 13 minutes – so i call my sister and ask her to change online instead). But after making the online paymnet, the online system show the status is Pending.
So today, my intention to call them just to confirm whether i can take new flight schedule or i have to stick to my original plan.
Congratulation air asia, you’ve beaten Astro for the longest time i have to wait before hearing real human voice.

for the first 15 minutes, all i heard was
“All of our sales agents are still busy due to the current promotion” what promotion? why cant you anticipate? is that hard to see trend? bila promotion call increase, staff also increase lah..

i’ve complain to the sales agent, they said they’re supporting call from as far as Australia and that the reason the response take 20 minutes. Poor them will have to stand with angry customer. I didnt blame them, in fact i talk and complain nicely to must be the system or the management.

time of call : 21/12/2008 17:13
call lasted for : 20 minute 32 seconds

p/s : the worst part is, the call center number is not a toll free number. (03-87754000)
im calling from Sabah to KL. Sh*t. not like berkira or something but this suppose to be free right? no? Let’s hope my celcom minute plan pulak didnt take border into equation when charging the minutes…

p/s2: most inovative company in the world? hmmm.. no comment. If they can pay a flight delay, can they rebate me for delay in this services? well everyone hate delay, not just those who wait for a flight.

update : seems like the whole asia is complaining. i’m linking some of the cream of blog entries here, do read ted earl – much more unfortunate than me :-

and last week Tony Fernandez sent a mass email to all his customer to apologize for this mishaps. i thought the email came with starbuck voucher or something, but NO. but come to think of it, if he really want to spare me and others a starbucks.. air asia will record a significant reduction in profit since there’s a lot vouchers need to be prepared. Teh tarik pun ok lah… lol..

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  1. anilezfa

    I guess You can’t complain for free services. You are being attended better when calling Dell, Apple and etc coz you pay for the support/service maintenance.

    btw did you that you can use their wap site to book, buy, change ur flight as well?

  2. fiziskandarZ

    hey hey hey osh! haven’t been here for a while now.. whoaa! a major revamp on the home page huh 😉 I LIKE! 🙂 anyways, hope u and ur family doing well + living well. about air asia.. i personally the issue that u’re facing now is not only on air-asia.. but most low frill airlines 🙁 fizee-san experienced once, her flight trasaction stuck between the credit card company and air asia.. took months to reimbursement to take place.. sigh..

  3. fadzlizuka Post author

    hi gyc… it was there.. but i dont know why it requires moderation… maybe different email was used?

    yeah.. i think they’re slow because it’s not part of the ticket price… lol

  4. Louise

    Hello, everyone! I was so angry and have no place to shout my angryness !!!

    I have an urgent business meeting thus I would like to change my flight ealier back to KL.

    I was trying to change my flight schedule through their oficial website ( Due to the sloe internet connection in town (it’s not a big city), some connection error occurred thus I submit and rerfill the information few times. Anyhow, after certain try, the record LOCKED !!! I call the service centre to ask for solutions BUT there are no ppl picking up the phone, I was holding the line for 20 minutest for each calls. After perhaps 1 hour, finally someone picking up the phone, I ask for solutions, they come back with the ans :”Sorry madam, once the record LOCKED, its LOCKED, you’re NOT able to change anything online ANYMORE, you have to change at the airport counter/sales office/via phone, BUT we’ll charge the prices HIGHER!!!

    OMG, I was like…shocked and nothing to say coz I explained to him that today is SATURDAY, the nearest sales office are closed and the airport are REALLY far far away. Can he just help me unlocked so I can settle all this at home (at very efficient, reasonable and convenience way). He replied that :” sorry madam, We’re unable to UNLOCKED it, either you pay higher price to change the schedule or stick with the purchased date.”

    I am so angry so I send lots of complaint letter to air asia online, HOWEVER, there’re NO response at all. Obviously, they didn’t treat the passangers well. Air Asia with Good Service, NO WAY !!!

  5. tedearl

    Hey Fadzli,

    Sorry took some time for me to see your comment. But yea that air asia call was something that many people from sabah who have booked tickets to bali has experienced…I don’t know how it is now but i’ve hoped they’ve improved. Sad to hear you’ve experienced the same as well! NIce blog btw!

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