alyaa zulfah, 5 months old

it’s been a while since alyaa zulfah featured in this blog and many friends and blogger already ask about her.

Here is the latest pics of our lovely daughter, she now can lift her butt it’s only matter of time before she can crawl. Oh and she love to babbling with her brother aaqil. She also very friendly and always offer a smile, unlike Aaqil which more serious gitu.

Picture of Alyaa and Aaqil


003-alyaa-5-months.jpg 005-alyaa-5-months.jpg
006-alyaa-5-months.jpg 004-alyaa-5-months.jpg

6 thought on “alyaa zulfah, 5 months old”

  1. Emy

    alyaa zulfah yang kiut miut macam mama dier nih nak panggil aper?
    memang muka macam awakkan?….

    nanti ader masa kiter jumper jumper ye….memang payah nak jumper kalau tak dipaksa paksa kan?..hehehe…take care.

  2. nanako

    emy… kite panggil alyaa..
    awk la first person yg ckp alyaa ni ikut muka kite.. sebenarnye alyaa byk ikut belah abah die..
    tu la nye… mmg kena paksa br nk jumpe..
    anyway… do come again to this blog…

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