monster weekend team building

it happen last week (20th and 21st December) , when think about team building, i cannot help but to imagine a shoody place with lack of amenities. I’ve been to like 3-4 team building before and i have problem sleeping in the first day. but Klana Resort is a very different, it’s has a proper facilities so that you can focus on building a team rather than worry about mosquitoes and place to sleep.004-mtm-2008teambuilding.jpg

we were also had our christmas dinner here. The food is great (heck, we’re paying RM150++ per pax). Lucky draw? hahaha im not that lucky this time around.

mike and khairi, about to annouce the 2nd and grand prize winner, a laptop and a portable playstation

look good taste even better.

nazham is flying foxing… decent height, the best flying fox i ever ride is the one in Besut (Scout Asia Pacific Jamboree back in 97) it’s about 10 storey building high, only rosmadi and hakam can atest to that excitement.

i have no idea what to write now, Please enjoy  the pictures, you can see the rest in my gallery as usual

jet, ‘baju tak kotor’

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