hitler and Nikon D3X

Well well well….. nikon announced something spectacular, a 24.5 MP full frame DSLR camera body to challenge Canon high-end. I guess the move backfired them since most of the people think it just a same body with one year old D3 with extra resolution. Nikon D3 is around RM15k and this new D3x gonna cost you RM24k. If you really need that extra resolution and a cropping like mad, then go and buy this.

Nikon unveils 24.5MP D3X digital SLR
Monday, 1 December 2008  05:00 GMT

Nikon has announced the D3X, its latest high-resultion professional DSLR. Sporting an imaging sensor with double the number of photosites of the popular D3, the 24.5 megapixel D3x includes similar features such as a 3.0″, 920,000 dot LCD monitor with Live View, 51-point autofocus, EXPEED image processing and HDMI output. To keep up with the demands of stock photography the camera produces 50MB 14-bit RAW files that can be processed to produce 140MB TIFFs. It also supports Nikon’s wireless system and is compatible with Nikon’s new GP-1 GPS unit.

As Kenrockwell said :-

Even the Nazis can’t Comprehend the Price of the D3X!

Caught in a bizarre time-warp, somehow Hitler himself is completely astonished at Nikon having the cajones to ask $8,000 for a camera that’s not worth more than $5,500. Even odder, he mentions my name! How he did this back in the 1940s is beyond me.

To put this in perspective, remember that the Nazis were huge Leica customers. Now that my dog dragged in a Leica M4-P for me to review (after it’s repaired), I started looking at prices of Leica lenses. Are they kidding? …..

It’s a hillarious to read what kenrockwell verdict about D3X. You can continue to read the entry here (scroll down a bit, its buried middle of the page.

I almost rolling on the floor laughing when watching this youtube… go on and watch it. if you are a photographer you’ll get the drill…



footnote : i’ve got nothing against hitler or nikon, but it amaze me how far people can be creative when they’re motivated

footnote2: those enjoying this kind of video.. do search in youtube the following keyword : “hitler untergang parody”

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  1. fiziskandarZ

    hey hey hey osh! pardon my limited knowlesdge of techy photog jargon 😛 but i did google for the parody and most of them are hilarious! hohoho.. anyways.. happy new maal hijrah 1430H + 2009 to u and family 😉

    ps = wah wah sudah amek gamba wedding gamba.. berusahalah!

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