apoi wedding, part II

here is the second day of the wedding event. i promised not to take 3 weeks to post this.. it almost two week actually. This is the part where i think i should improve – post processing.

it’s always a challenge for photographer when bride and bridegroom wearing a white costume, it always underexposed the skin color. i bet it never happen for pro DSLR body.

please enjoy the pics… best view in my gallery as usual….

i loooove this picture very much, a bit overexposed on wedding dress but i think their faces were perfectly exposed.



the surrounding area is superb,picture was taken at jie’s compound, overlooking tamparuli bridge.

it’s pain in the neck to take RAW file. overall i consumed 9 gig of spaces. one wedding 9 gigabyte. 1 Terabyte will likely to fill up in no time. but it’s a commitment and i dont think i can take a gamble to shoot someone special day with JPEG. Oh, two DSLR body is a MUST. i cannot imagine the shutter kaput during the event.

Please see the rest of images HERE . Turn on your speaker, pasang love song, and run the slideshow… baru layan beb… 🙂

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