#4/52 – wall-e and TRAK fridge magnet

week 4, a lot of thing happen this week. I actually has had a winning shot for week 4 from lion dance event, and then from light trail but this one gets the cake.
picture of wall-e, holding a fridge magnet – a monster trak fridge magnet.

Wall-e name is actually an acronym, standing for “Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth-class.
MonsterTrak fridge magnet is a ermm well.. a fridge magnet. OK, let go beyond a fridge magnet and talk about monsterTrak. something bad happen to the team, if you wish to read more, here is the link.
I wish them good luck and all the best.

Oh back to wall-e, Currently aaqil just cant have enough of WALL-E. we have disc one on one player of the tv, disc two on the other and the dell laptop is having the divx version of wall-e.

Where : Sungai Udang, Klang
When : 22/01/2009 21:21:14
Exposure Program : Aperture Priority
Shutter speed : 1 / 20 seconds
f / Aperture : 2
Focal Length : 35mm (52mm in 35mm film equiv)
ISO Speed Ratings : 400

some of the movie trivia:-

  • The film contains numerous references to Apple computers: -when WALL-E is fully charged by the sun, he makes the same “boot up” sound that most of Apple’s Macintosh computers have made since circa 1996. -WALL-E watches his favorite movie every night on the screen of an iPod -The villainous Autopilot’s voice is provided by Apple’s text-to-speech system, MacinTalk -EVE’s sleek design as an evolution of WALL-E’s parallels the sleek iMac design having evolved from the boxy, beige Apple IIe. Steve Jobs, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Computer, was CEO of Pixar until its acquisition by Disney in 2005, and as a shareholder and member of the Disney Board of Directors is still actively involved with the company.
  • Niagara Falls provided the wind sounds for WALL•E ‘s world.
  • The logo on Eve’s chest that appears after she obtains the plant is the same logo used by Disney Epcot’s The Land pavilion up until 2005.
  • WALL•E collects numerous objects from the 1960s-1980’s including a VCR tape of Hello, Dolly! (1969) (featured prominently in the film), a Rubik’s cube, and even an Atari 2600 with the game Pong (1972) (VG). Despite the film taking place over 800 years after these objects were created, all the objects are still in working condition.
  • The last piece of debris that clears away from WALL-E as he leaves Earth’s atmosphere is the Russian satellite Sputnik I, which in 1957 was the first man-made object to be placed in earth orbit.

See the rest of the trivia HERE.

We’ll be off traveling to Kedah tomorrow morning, it’s gonna be long journey.. Happy Chinese new year y’all.

2 thought on “#4/52 – wall-e and TRAK fridge magnet”

  1. fiziskandarZ

    my bro in law’s daughter loveess mickey + friends.. tancho’s umaira with barney.. and now aqil’s with Wall-E.. hoho.. how cute.. 🙂 so kalu semua display gadget dah conquered with this.. ayahnya nak tgk man-u canner? huhu.. [ ps. good info tho. i like! ]

  2. Abdullah

    did you delete your oraiingl post on this? Because I know I left a msg w/the answer too but now I don’t see my comment. I admit I did have to look the answer up though 🙂 Leopard, elephant, rhino, lion and buffalo.I collect magnets and this would look great on my fridge LOL

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