#5/52 – Kias fansuri

Hassan cafe, not the best teh tarik in Cyberjaya nor the cheapest but somehow Zeff and i always kill our time here.
Week 5, nothing much happen, This is one of the shot :- Definitely not the best but i need to keep this project52 alive before i can embark to project 365 next year.

“Jangan sesekali kau ceritakan, Pengalamanmu Yusuf, Takut-takut mengundang bencana…” M.Nasir – Kias Fansuri


Where : Hassan Cafe, Cyberjaya
When : 28/01/2009 20:12:41
Exposure Program : Manual Priority
Shutter speed : 1 / 25 seconds
f / Aperture : 2
Focal Length : 35mm (52mm in 35mm film equiv)
ISO Speed Ratings : 400

I hate surprise, esp if it’s a suprise and a bad news. I cant imagine what happen to the other team happen to me or my team. Pessimist mode somehow turned ON. The next few weeks is very critical to me. Lets hope everything going to be OK

3 thought on “#5/52 – Kias fansuri”

  1. Rizal

    Lihat dunia dari mata burung
    Atau lihat dari dalam tempurung
    Yang mana satu engkau pilih
    Dalam kalut ada peraturan
    Peraturan cipta kekalutan
    Di mana pula kau berdiri
    Di sini

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