dinner at Tony Roma

Yesterday we had a dinner with my officemate. Ady n wife, My sister – fazelina and Bro in law – Azlan, Khairi and Farra. The place is tona roma’s sunway pyramid at 8pm. I bring my camera with grip, plan to take low light pictures – hopefully stabilize by the grip but the lighting condition is terrible – there’s almost no light at all. even if i have D700 / D3 (which i will have soon if my wife bussiness going well this year.. insyallah) i dont think i can capture anything worth to post here.

here are some of the pictures taken – well, outside of the dinner place.. so sorry folks the image inside tony roma is either to blur or to grainy to commend. so most of the pics here is during jalan2 time. Gambar kamu orang tak ada yang clear laa.. sorry.

family pics, inside samsonite boutique. plan to survey and buy a sammies mini backpack for aaqil to put all his lori besar. The price woahhh.. turn me off. membazir la pulak beli beg cenonet with RM129.90 price tag. if i got lucky or someone else visiting US then i will pesan from them. Aaqil love to walk around shopping mall but hate to go inside shop.. He already busy pushing the stroller out of the shop.

alyaa zulfah, she’s adorable and lovely. 🙂 OK Question number 1 : Like father face ke mother’s face?


Aaqil farhan, possing some matured and serious look. Question number 2 : Like father face ke mother’s face?

Alyaa n nana, alyaa is not a stroller type of baby. When aaqil was alyaa’s age, he’ll be happy to sit inside a stroller for the whole jalan2 event. Alyaa? 20 minute max.

this is a sample of pic taken inside the restaurant. This picture is blur but i like it the most.

last but not least, pics of officemate that have a decent sharpness and composition. To ady, lan and others.. sorry again but the other picture is too blur. Farra and Khairi. Lovely couple. Same pose but different baby 16 month from now? hahahaa just joking ok.
 by the time we left the steakhouse, it’s already 10.30, and both of my kids already tired. in fact, the whole fadzli’s family dah penat. I think we’re morning type family..

some background – since we’re a couple we always went out very early and end our date like 5 in the evening. That’s why back then it boggle my mind severely when people said it’s tough to find a parking at midvalley during weekend. why? i can park near the escalator some more. Mana kan tidak, at 11am we already finish exploring the ground floor of mid valley.

The reason is that she’s living with her family and she prefer to go back early. Not curfew but something she used to be comfortable – ask ject as i believe he’s kindda weekend and morning person as well. If dating earlier can meet longer.. haha!

Futhermore my kids tend to wake up very early as well… by 6.30 alyaa is already thumping his hand on floor and start babbling. Aaqil will wake up a bit later around  7. So as expected by 10.30-11.00 the whole family already tired and sleepy.

Me? during my bujang time im a nite person but since married, watching a man united match at 1 am is a tough task to accomplish. In fact, i never manage to watch them play champions league this few years. Unless i have thing / task to complete (edit pics, work, meeting or design blog) staying up late and watching football is long gone. Sheesh im old now.

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  1. nanako

    luckily there’s baby pouch… now i am a fan of baby wearing… n am going crazy with it..
    i wish i can have this , so that we can xchange carrying alyaa.. huuuhhuuu..
    or this

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