nusaputra, almost there II

ok the house is finally ready. in 2 weeks time we’ll be collecting our home key 🙂 and to lodge any defect

lets hope the defect is minimal so that we can start doing some basic renovation (grill, fan and lamp).

Hopefully by end of April or early May, we can start moving in to our own home.
Time to get some sleep, i am tired both – mentally and physically – as zeff said during our teh tarik at our unusual place (rahim bistro – food is great BUT their service sucks big time).

7 thought on “nusaputra, almost there II”

  1. Awimbawe

    Salam Semua…

    HuHu .. Akhirnyer.. CF telah surat tak dapat lgik sbb umah tak der org.. So surat tu patah balik.. ke developer… diorang tak call plak tuh…
    Ish..ish..baru tau ari nih…Syukur Alhamdulillah.. Jenuh nak bayo 2 umah..

    Saya kat Saujana Terrace, berdepan dengan Idaman Terrace… Agak2 berjiran ker…?

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