Hyvästi (Farewell), KiahRonggeng

The day has come. My crime partner has decided to part way with me and venturing to a new journey.

It’s been a great 1.5 years knowing you. Wishing you all the best in future. Stay focus to your goal and work hard – it’s a vital ingredient in all human endeavor.

Picture after the jump… my theme sucks, i cannot post it before <more> tags001-farewell-kiah.jpg
 a simple, non-destructive dodge and burn applied here. some gaussian blur + saturation adjustment added as well. Kiah is leaving us!! – your last meal with us was a free meal. Heck, i forgot. We had free lunch everyday rite?

team picture. Love em all 🙂

a long journey home, I’m extra tired today. Maybe im thinking too much, too far, too complicated ? I have to…

light trail… brain mapping.

7 thought on “Hyvästi (Farewell), KiahRonggeng”

  1. fadzlizuka Post author

    suratan untuk orang yang mengetahui 😀
    senang je, if you have camera will Aperture, shutter or manual mode, set the aperture to the lowest value and snap the picture for like few seconds (e.g. 10 seconds).

    If you put the camera on a tripod, the light trail would be smoother and nicer 🙂

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